Made Of Steel

Marriage is a sacred bond that brings together not just two people but also their families. In specific cases, two completely different cultures. Marriage is about two distinct worlds, each with their history, belief system, and way of life, joining together to form a new world that is all their own.

This new world is what they call “home.” Something that one must work on day in and out and for every single day with sincerity, love, trust, mutual respect, and the determination to stay jointly and not give up no matter what. Marriage does not ‘just’ happen. Indeed, a marriage won’t always be fun and frolickings, yet if you’re planning to live the rest of your lives with someone, you should at least give it a shot.

Celebrating 11 Years With An Open Conversation

Naveeta———–11 Years Ansh. Congrats to us. This is a milestone in our relationship. It’s almost as if we only met the day before. It’s hard to fathom that we’ve already spent so much time together as a team. It feels almost surreal. I mean, it’s magical, it’s evolving, there’s a learning curve for both of us.

How do you feel?
AnshulThe feelings is mutual, it does feel just like we met yesterday. However, when I look at our daughter, I realize it’s been more than a decade now. I believe that our relationship is maturing like the dawning of a new day with each passing year.
NaveetaMy First impression of you was, Charming, straight forward, no -nonsense and  brutally honest. 

Tell me, what was the first thought that popped into your mind when you first met me? 
AnshulWell, I cannot forget our first meeting. When I saw you, my eyes and mind paused there only. Your eyes attracted me the most, because they looked exactly like Mahi Gill, the actress. At that time, the only thought that came into my mind was that she is so beautiful and we would make a wonderful couple.

I have a question for you. What is the one trait in me, you most value me for?
NaveetaYour Unconditional Love. It’s Rare.

What is your best memory of us?
AnshulTouchwood. Our whole journey has been memorable , but If I have to choose, then I will share two of them.The first one , is from the day of our wedding, when you looked nervous on the stage and I hugged you for the first time.The second one is the period of those 20 days that we spent together in the hospital during your pregnancy before Anayta’s(our daughter) birth. Every day and night, we used to discuss our upcoming baby.

What do you value most in our relationship?
NaveetaThe freedom to express and the faith to lift each other. Sometimes I am at my lowest and at times, it’s you, so we act as cheerleaders for each other.

Is there something that you learned as a child that has proven to be most valuable in your life?
AnshulWell, during my childhood, my mom taught me that nothing is impossible and I can achieve great heights with my self-belief and confidence. And I implemented this teaching of hers, throughout my life, one of the incidents I would like to share is,  In 11th standard I took Medical with Math. Though I was not able to perform as per the expectations in the first term, I worked hard and completed my studies with flying colours and made my career as a biomedical professional.

No more nerdy talks. Tell me how do you define love?
NaveetaLove has no set definition; it keeps on changing as you evolve. At the beginning of a relationship, saying I love every day is love, pampering each other with surprises and going out is fun, but with time it takes on a different shape. It’s not that we don’t surprise each other, or that we don’t say “I love you” anymore we do, but the process has changed. In a nutshell, I would say “pyar ka safar, tere naam se, mere naam tak”. (From your name to mine, love is a journey.)

Ansh, tell me how do you know when I am upset?
AnshulWell, I understand with the tone of your voice, and through your eyes. 

What is the one word that best describes our relationship? And why?
NaveetaThe Newness in our relationship, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been 11 years still we feel as if “we happened just yesterday”. We have done a lot of exploring already and I believe there is still more to explore and do. 

Name a movie that reflects our relationship?
AnshulGalwakdi , a Punjabi movie featuring Taesem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi.
Naveeta———–If you had to describe me in three words what would they be? 
AnshulAns: Well, I can’t put into words how much I love you. Because you complete me, I am unable to think of anything in my life without taking you into account. However, if I had to describe you in just three words, they would be “Risk Taker,” “Beautiful,” and “Dream Catcher.”

If you had to describe me in three words what would they be?
NaveetaThree words… too less to describe you, hmm, I would say
Caring, Honest, and Full of Love.

What is your favorite picture of us?
Naveeta———–What do you see us doing 10 years from now?
AnshulWell, you know me Nanu. I don’t plan for too long. Personally, I want to live each and every moment of my life with my family whether it’s today, tomorrow or after ten Years. Professionally, I want to see you achieving all your dreams and keep enjoying each year of lives together
Naveeta3 wishes…you go first.
AnshulYou come here with me in Canada as soon as possible.
Seeing you working in Canadian Radio as a Radio Jockey, because you have the most beautiful voice.
Third, let’s keep it a secret.

What’s yours?
NaveetaI want to be with you soon, like super soon.
A Trip to Russia
Our Own Restaurant

My three wishes.
AnshulCannot wait to have you near me. Happy Anniversary and hoping for many more wonderful years ahead.
NaveetaHappy Anniversary Ansh…..
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