Spice Up Your Monsoon Wardrobe

The first rains, the earthy smells, hot kadhais with oil spluttering – sliced onions and potatoes jumping into the hot oil, and a good rainy walk. School-going kids wearing raincoats, jumping in the puddles, dancing in the rains – our fantasies of monsoon since childhood. Isn’t it? 

I just conjured a few scenes of the rains for you while I was growing up (and for most of us who grew up in the 80s, 90s, and the 2k kids too). These have become rare sights now but I can still see these visuals in some places. In that era, kids simply wore frocks/shorts/skirts with a pair of floaters/rubber chappals to splash about in the rain. I still remember ladies back then would wear synthetic sarees, and salwar kameezes and carry black umbrellas to protect them from gushing winds and rains. Puddles were meant for rollicking! I am sure all of you will have beautiful rainy memories. 

Monsoons always meant our wardrobes going through another change. As summer vacations were getting over, we got our raincoats, and fancy-looking colourful umbrellas out (shopping only if needed). Any clothing is easy to dry. The markets used to be suddenly flooded with sarees, dresses, shirts, skirts, etc made of rayon, linen, or silk. It was fun exploring markets, and walking around – not to forget the yummy street food too! 

Fashion trends for the monsoon have evolved over the years. As I mentioned above, there was a time when only basics were considered for the season. Now, you can see personal preferences and choices have become trendier and, markets are catering happily to the masses. From synthetic sarees to trendy cut-offs and short hemlines, it has been a long journey for monsoon fashion trends! Our fashion designers have also been working hard to make budget-friendly designs every season. After all, budget-friendly shopping is top on the bucket list for almost every working individual, and looking stylish makes it attractive in any workplace! 

Barring the last two years of the pandemic (when the industries and markets suffered financial losses), markets have come back in full force now that lockdowns are no longer in place. People have got back to retail therapy with full force. 

Monsoon fashion trends have gotten trendier in 2022 vis a vis the Covid era. ‘Tis time to hit the local markets and indulge in amazing fashion melange. This season, go in for floral printed shirts, capris, asymmetrical skirts and kurtas, cut-offs, hemline shirts, crop tops, and colourful blouses. If you love accessories, the summer and rainy seasons are a time to go light on accessories. You can avoid sweating. Pair your outfits (depending on formal/casuals) with light accessories – a single silver Kada (bangle), tiny pair of jhumkis with thin layered chains (women), layered bracelets, and silver anklets. 

Easy-on-pocket shopping!

Whether it is office goers, students, homemakers, or small children, there is an eclectic mix of clothes and styles for the rains everywhere. Almost every city in India is colourful as soon as it is the month of June – a time when the rainy season hits most parts of India. As summer ends (the last week of May), most markets start displaying rainy wares. This is the time to hit the markets and stock up for the rains. You will get the best deals for raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof bags – school bags and handbags, slippers, floaters/crocs, and various attractive rain accessories.

(Sans treasure hunting & high prices.)

1.   Culottes – trousers cut off at the ankle, giving a skinny look.
2.   Floral print shirts – collared & round necks
3.   Colourful stoles (solid colours) wrapped around formal shirts (collared and non-collared)
4.   Crop tops paired with formal trousers or casual capris/cutoffs/denim skirts
5.   Sleeveless and spaghetti-strapped Kurtis (Pstt…go for oranges & yellows!)
6.   Kurtas (long)/Kurtis (short) in bright solid colours
7.   Asymmetrical Kurtas
8.   Hemline tie-up shirts 
9.   Short Kalamkari side-slit ankle-length skirts
10. Classic net shirts with spaghetti straps

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch those long skirts and long frocks, choose a short skirt or capris, pair it with accessories and comfortable crocs, and swing that translucent (transparent) handbag as you go. 

“Rain, rain, come again, ‘Tis time for getting’ stylish again!”

Let’s brighten ourselves as the clouds darken and pour down!

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