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Welcome to KIDS CORNER, where we publish articles, poems, art, and interviews written by kids for kids! Children have unique perspectives and ideas that deserve to be shared. Our platform provides a safe and supportive space for young writers to express themselves and showcase their creativity and imagination. From personal stories and opinion pieces to informative articles and fun facts, our KIDS CORNER offers diverse content for children of all ages. We hope our hub inspires and encourages kids to explore their interests, develop their writing skills, and share their voices with others.

Meet the two dancing sisters and YouTubers from Kerala, South India. With 3.5K subscribers, Catherine and Merin are dancing their way into our hearts with their youtube channel 'CathMeri Days.' Let's find out more. 
Read Bond, a poem by Ranu. Ms Ranu Suthar is a ninth grader and a highly talented Akanksha Foundation’s Natwar Nagar MPS scholar. Ms. Suthar is a responsible daughter who values respect and compassion toward herself and others. She is remarkably expressive through her creative writing. She enjoys doodling and writing poems. In addition, Ranu excels in her academics consistently.