I dedicate this poem to my two dear friends. Who stayed and stays with me in every moment of sadness and happiness.

Why do I cry in a room that no one passes by?
Why am I an emotional mortal who sheds tears each night? 
People say I should be more like an elegant lady!
But why no one asks me what I want to be? 
Why does no one understand me?
Be with me at my worst time.

Is it because my heart is just a toy, 
And my being born an enormous crime?
I can't cure myself,
Why do I need someone to help me?
The loneliness in my heart is going to kill me.
The moment I was going to be devoured by the darkness.
I saw a soul whose spirit was full of brightness.
She asked me how I am. 
In my eyes, she always shines.

Our world wasn't the same,
So why she's so kind?
There were many questions in my mind 
What if she breaks her heart again?
Or should I give her a chance?
 What if I should stay away,
But we became closer day by day.
I became happier,
Started to think from the bright side.

I became a better person,
And fought for my rights. Thanks to that friend,
Who changed me within a few months.
I'll fight for you all my life.

- Bond, a poem by Ranu Suthar.


Ranu Suthar is a ninth grader and a highly talented Akanksha Foundation’s Natwar Nagar MPS scholar. Ms. Suthar is a responsible daughter who values respect and compassion toward herself and others. She is remarkably expressive through her creative writing. She enjoys doodling and writing poems. In addition, Ranu excels in her academics consistently.

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