A retired Finance Officer of Kerala State Electricity Board, K. Syamala is a daydreamer, traveller, freelance writer, home chef, mother & wife. Syamala is an over-thinker who finds solace in the cathartic effect of writing.

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Aakanksha Dinah, a passionate writer, orator, communicator focused on establishing a Training institution centered on creativity and innovation. Aakanksha is a true believer in loving the work we do and strongly believes in smart-work, the reason why creativity works better for her. Aakanksha is enormously focused on making a career in professional writing and publishing. She loves writing poems, self-help articles, and essays. An enthusiast when it comes to learning languages and in short, Aakanksha is a wanderer, an explorer, a mom, a dog-mom, a poet, a cook, a writer, and an influencer.

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She is a quirky writer/photographer/closet poet and singer who has traversed a non-conventional path. As a former entertainment journalist who has worked in print and online media for a decade, Priya loves talking to people and writing their unspoken stories. She is a single parent of a 7-year-old son settled in Tamil Nadu and a Content Consultant/ Communications-PR Manager. She is also an informal mentor to parents in her local parenting network. She dreams of being an author of a book and maybe the scriptwriter of a film someday!

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“Saral hu Saadharn nhi” (Simplicity is not Ordinary). This phrase encapsulates her entire existence. Naveeta, you might have had a hard time pronouncing her name, but she is so delicate that you have to handle her with care. A woman of few words, a daydreamer, who is certain that there is life beyond stars. An HR professional who began her writing journey when corona knocked our doors (2020). A Content Writer, Screenplay Writer, and published Author. She is die-hard romantic and that reflects in her quotes, poems and short stories She’s currently working on her first solo book. She enjoys cooking, dancing, singing (just for herself), travelling, and is a huge Bollywood enthusiast. Her greatest strength is her family. She is a wife, a mother and a friend you can most certainly rely on. Naveeta believes that change is the most beautiful part of life and we should embrace it at every stage. Your journey is yours. Don’t bother about the pace; be consistent, and life will surprise you with the best. 

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Ignatius Deepak Stanley is an experienced business coach, trainer, educational consultant and full time dad. He has worked with several well known corporates before deciding to take time out and be a full time dad to his 2 year old son. Beside being a consultant,he has also written and published few books. Deepak enjoys riding and driving, reading, writing and travelling.

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Veena Gupta, a homemaker, doting mother, and a loving wife, who takes pride in a long-standing career in Banking and Finance. While her life took shape and as she was pursuing all this, something kept tugging her creativity. This pull lead her to decide to express her thoughts through writing. True to her name, her words flow from her pen to resonate with the reader’s mind like the soothing music that the musical instrument Veena creates! For someone who likes to experiment in life through adventure sports, trekking, and other varied interests, Veena likes to bring her experience, background and perspective to her readers through her simple yet effective writing to push the fact home!

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Augustus Stanley is now serving his life’s calling as a full-time Educator and works in Karnataka. He loves creating short academic videos and is also a music enthusiast.

Writer by day, an overthinker by night. I let my thoughts flow through my writing. As a definite misfit, I let my words speak louder than my actions. Welcome to my journey of sailing through emotions and experiences, with words as my paddles.

Chippy is a dreamer and optimist. She believes, we become what we hope, aspire, dream to be and knows how to make a dream or two happen. Fifteen years of experience, struggling, winning, failing, succeeding and failing again and making it, she knows what it takes to build a successful project, a business, and what it means by starting from the bottom up. It takes determination, dedication, and direction and that’s why her mission is to ‘step up & inspire,’  by sharing stories from around the world. 

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Chippy is the Editor at Art of How to. With years of experience managing businesses, projects, teams, and campaigns and her background in project management, travel and tourism, hospitality management, healthcare management, human resource, administration, organisational development, and brand management, Chippy has fostered a unique outlook on leadership, administrational development, and organisational work culture.  

Through Art Of How To, Chippy is on a mission to root for people, on an agenda to be that ‘pat on the back,’ we all deserve.  Art of How to, is an online nucleus with meaningful and inspiring stories from real life and everyday individuals who work hard to make it in life, at work, in a business, and as an entrepreneur. Chippy believes everyone has a story to tell and hopes to bring forth tales from the life of people who we otherwise never hear from. As mentioned earlier, the mission is to ‘step up & inspire.’  Chippy aspires to make this the hub to share tales from around the world from people who touched her emotionally, who inspired her personally.

Chippy has absolutely no remorse indulging in daydreaming. She has had her dreams come true, she has made others' dreams come true and she will go above and beyond so that others can feel it’s possible too. 

Born and raised in Kerala, South India, Chippy moved to Melbourne, Australia for higher studies. After ten years of work and a beautiful life down under, she uprooted back to Kerala, to make a dream come true. It was a learning curve that was unforgettable. Lessons learned, dreams made, and once again, she moved to a new continent. Now, living in Germany, learning a new language, and integrating into a new culture, she is at it again.

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