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‘Art Of How To’ hope to serve as a platform to share stories of everyday heroes. We all have a story, a story of our own. The battles we fight each day, the success stories, the failures that took a toll on us. Everyday warriors, you and me included, who are breaking, struggling, pushing and pulling, making and still stepping ahead and living a life through life’s chaos and calm. I want to share those life chronicles. ‘Art Of How To’ is on a mission to root for people, on an agenda to be that ‘pat on the back,’ we all deserve.

We are what we dream.
We are what we aspire.

We become what we hope to become.

Art of How To resolve to step up & inspire all minds. We believe, ‘we become what we dream.’ The fact is, we can achieve our dreams, our goals. All we need is the right mindset. We at Art of How To hope to bring stories from around the world from those who have had toiled every step of their way to make dreams, visions, and concepts come true. Tales of those who failed & succeeded, and those who are working towards success or a break, and those who made it and still hoping to make it bigger. No matter, we aim to bring to you tales of real people with feelings and emotions who have made, still making, and aspiring towards achieving it.

We live in a world filled with possibilities and opportunities. There is something in store for each one of us. Our hopes and dreams are what drives us to push ourselves to fulfil our expectations. We all have dreams for the coming days, for the next year and for the next five to ten. We all have plans for our future, be it small or large, we all have expectations and we aspire to be victorious, virtuous and valiant in our life.

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