CathMeri Days

Meet the two dancing sisters and You Tubers from Kerala, South India. Catherine and Merin, with 2.94K subscribers they are dancing their way into our hearts with their youtube channel 'CathMeri Days.'  Let's find out more. 

Hello! I am Cathrine, I am studying in 10th grade. I enjoy cooking, listening to music, and watching movies. My passion is dancing and I love planning, preparing, choreographing and creating dance steps to any music I love. I also do create youtube videos with my sister during my free time.

I am Merin. I am 10 years old and studying in 5th grade. I love cooking, dancing and playing guitar. I have a Youtube Channel called CathMeri Days. My sister and I create and upload dance videos. I love to dance to the trending songs and share our videos on our Youtube Channel.

Dance. When and how did you fall in love with dance?

When I was small, (I am still..)I danced to my favorite songs at my home. Seeing this talent my mother enrolled me into a dance institute, which was a stepping stone in my dancing passion. My teacher set me on the right path, making every dance move perfect and making me fall in love with dance. Growing up I got a lot of stage performances to perform various types of dance forms. Practicing for a while then putting up makeup and wearing beautiful costumes to perform a dance form was absolutely a joy for me!

Well, When I was 4 to 5 Years old I have participated in a dance competition in my school. I started studying dance when I was in 2nd grade. I love to watch some videos of dance so that I could learn new steps and make our performance better on our Youtube Channel.

What's your favorite dance form and why?

I love every dance form but particularly my favorite is Bharatanatyam because when I perform Bharatanatyam I have certain confidence rising out of my soul, also I feel more comfortable in performing in this style.

My Favorite form of dance is classical and a bit of western.
It’s nice and easy to dance to.

Who is your favourite dancer and why?

The first dancer I look up to is Manju Warrier Ma’m. I always admire the grace and beauty with which she performs each step. She inspires me with her gorgeous expressions and her dedication to her dance.

I don’t know many dancers. But I do love Shobhana Ma’m. I love the way she teaches the steps and the movements, (I see her online videos). Also how gracefully she performs.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

To have a happy and fulfilling life would be my first wish, followed by a successful and rewarding career, and finally making my parents happy and proud.

To have a good life and a job. Make my family proud and have the best youtube channel.

What is your dream? What do you want to be in 10 years?

My dream is to have a successful life with a good job. I would like to grow my YouTube channel too. In 10 years, I would probably have reached heights by making my dreams come true in both education and dance. Also by exploring my favorite places and as well as ticking my bucket list.

My Dream is to be a Chef, Baker, or Engineer. Not yet decided but I will be one of them! Definitely.

Have you ever felt worried? And if yes, what are you worried about?

Yes, of course! I have worried about the war in Ukraine and I do empathize with the people of Ukraine, I do feel their pain, leaving behind their home, loved ones, everything they know, and heading towards the unknown, I cannot imagine. I do feel stressed thinking about their loss and the chaos they have to go through.

Yes, I have worried about the pandemic. Well, to be truthful, I first enjoyed the days of the pandemic but after 3 to 4 months I started feeling bored. It was such bland, and boring months.

What prompted you to start CathMeri Days, your youtube channel? And how are you enjoying being on Social Media?   

Even though a lot of times I have searched on youtube for songs, dance videos or DIY, etc I never really knew that normal people like us also can post videos on youtube. Getting the drive to start a youtube channel is when everyone during the lockdown period started to make one, as I was always passionate about creating a youtube channel. I was also going with the same flow, so I decided to make this channel with my sister and got the name of our youtube channel “CathMeri Days”.

But like every other human being we were shy in facing the camera and getting into the public domain. To get over this, our biggest supporter and constant motivator was my mother. She always encouraged us to make a youtube channel and to date, she is the backbone of our youtube existence. The next person is my father, he has backed us with all technical contributions, which is the major part of social media. He gives inspiring ideas and motivation for my sister and me to do our work well. I am grateful for having such supportive parents for making this dream of ours a reality.

All of us do enjoy spending time on social media, but for us, it’s uplifting, it’s a family affair, and we enjoy that a lot! We get so much appreciation, heart-touching comments, and feedback. Overall ‘CathMeri Days’ makes our day better!

My Mother and sister shared the idea of starting a Youtube channel when I was in 2nd grade. But we didn’t know how to start or how to upload videos on our youtube channel. Now, we are a team. Yes, I love to be on social media to do reels and videos. It’s fun.

You must get lots of good feedback and a few negative vibes. Do you get people who criticize you? If yes, how do you manage negative comments? 

Yes, we do get people who criticize us. “When there is good, there is also bad ”. Similarly, we have people who love our videos and we have people who dislike our videos too. First, when I used to get negative comments, I used to feel sad, but at the very next second it motivates me to do better next time, this makes us improve and do better. Now. I believe, getting negative vibes and comments is motivation in disguise.

We get some bad comments and a lot of good comments. Why should we consider bad comments if we have lots and lots of good comments!

Finally, How did covid affect you personally? After 2 years schools have opened partially, you walked with your school bags to school. What was the feeling of seeing your friends, teacher? How does it feel to be back in school? 

When I saw my teachers and friends after 2 long years, the feeling was indescribable. As we were locked up in our houses, just seeing the family members all the time reduced my capability of social interaction. Whereas getting back to school is the best thing that I can have today for myself.

Yes, I was very glum looking at the computer straight for 3 to 4 hours. My God! It was very disheartening. And after 2 years I met my classmates and teachers again and I am so happy, glad to see them all.

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