New Parent Check List

Preparing for the grand entry of your angel & what to expect!!! Alright. By now you are aware that your little miracle is arriving shortly. Excitement is in the air. But wait a minute! Have you made all the arrangements? Is there a hospital room tentatively booked? Did you get the right size diapers? Formula? Bottles? Is the hospital bag packed? And all of a sudden million questions hit you. And you go blank. Welcome to parenthood!

How do you keep your head above all the swirling waters of questions, doubts, and unwanted advice? It’s simple! Create a checklist. Yes, you read that right! Are you serious! You may ask. And I say YES. As first-time parents, my wife and I did just that. And guess what? It worked, and yes, it will work. 

Now you may ask what Checklist?
Let’s make an uncomplicated list of things to have ready.
Here are my suggestions, as a first time dad and a full time dad.

Simple, straightforward and easy to plan checklist.

These are not just essentials for your baby, these are essentials for a new parent. To make life easier and manageable.

Baby Carrier or Wrap 

This is needed as your little one is delicate and needs to be swaddled and comfy when carried. There is noting more to say here, make sure you check safety and get the best.


Most well-known diaper brands have a newborn size. Get many of these, to begin with. It is essential for the first few months. Please check, and see what your doctor says and what your baby’s skin type accepts. 

Cloth diapers are also available. Of course, it is better than a regular diaper. But each time your bub wets its diaper, a change is mandatory. As a new parent, it will be a bit of a tricky and stressful situation. New diapers in the market are better than before. They do change colours to indicate if it’s filled and if it’s time to change or not.

Baby Wipes

Just like diapers get as much as wipes if possible. It’s a life saver. Yes, they are and are as essential as diapers. Please check and see what your doctor says and what your baby’s skin type accepts.


Get as many as needed and ensure these are easy to make the baby wear without having to move the little one around too much. Button-up or snap-type onesies work well. Cotton works best for most babies. Please check and see what your doctor says and what your baby’s skin type accepts.

Feeding bottles

Most brands have feeding bottles for babies. A breastfeeding mom also requires a feeding bottle. She may be working and need to pump excess milk. You may need to store surplus milk for your tiny tot in bottles for later.

Please note mother’s milk is the best for your baby. Nevertheless, sometimes no matter what milk may not generate and in that case our bub’s need to be formula-fed. Please do consult with your doctor. And do not give formula unless told by your baby’s doctor.

Baby’s bathing needs

Now, this is not a tough one. But needs some preparation. Depending on your process the baby may be given an oil massage first and then given a bath. There may be some sunbathing before the shower, preferably 20 minutes. Whatever the process, ensure the baby has fun and enjoys these bath times!

Nap time routine

I am sharing a chart for reference. This is for three month to twelve month old babies.

We will explore more about elder infant and toddler sleep times in the next article. 

Define roles for each partner when it comes to taking care of baby! 

Each one needs a break while caring for your little one. A mother can only do so much in 24 hrs. So be ready to divide the tasks and conquer! Examples can be feeding, burping, diapering, bathing, helping the baby to sleep. There are plenty of responsibilities.

Also, please note. Your baby needs playtime at this stage mainly tummy time. Always supervise your baby during tummy time. Ensure there are breaks from tummy time by rolling junior over onto their back once in a while. For this, you will need simple toys and a play mat. Most of the age-appropriate toys are musical, large but light enough for the baby to grip, pull, and maybe even chow down on. Your baby may not enjoy many toys at this stage but ensure they have a good play mat and some soft toys. It’s a good start!

Bear in mind that no two babies are the same. All information shared here merely offers an idea of what to expect. This phase is going to be the best part of your life. Never forget to enjoy each moment. You will get to see a smaller version of you evolve into an amazing human being.

Of course, there are plenty of challenges ahead. Nevertheless, you will love each second, even the difficult ones. It’s worth it. Have fun with the process and remember to be patient. It’s going to be okay! Trust me, I am a new dad, and I am learning and growing as my bub grows. I know I am changing, my mindset and myself. I will be sharing more parenting tips as we grow. 

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