I am my master,
I am my friend,
I am my teacher,
I am my strength!
I am whole and more,
And everything is fine;
I am daring and caring
And a special kind.

I allow no one to
Judge, disrespect and
Belittle: I am more than that.

I am my mentor,
I am my inspiration,
I am my truth, my
Purpose and path.

I am courteous,
I am grateful,
I am nature,
Vast, eternal and
Rooted upright.

I am brewing coffee,
Steaming hot tea,
A picturesque scene,
A lyrical gallery
Of poems and pictures,
All so wonderful;
It makes up the entirety
Of who I call Me!

Good, bad, wonderful,
I am everything I want to be;
I am everything I ought to be:
I am me.

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