Mother A Child’s First Teacher

Throughout a child’s existence, a mother provides advice. The mother is the first teacher who helps guide their children toward improvement. Mothers play a unique role as teachers from the moment a child is conceived. From the time when a woman knows she is expecting, she begins learning everything about being a mother and starts incorporating the essential changes into her life.

She develops awareness of the foods she consumes and the healthy lifestyle choices she should make to provide the baby with the best possible environment. So this is how early learning begins—from the moment a child is conceived. When a child is born, the mother serves as a teacher and mentor. She is the primary influence, giving her child stability and affection.

Things we learn from mothers

It isn’t easy to pin down precisely what mothers teach us. Listing down some specific things we all learn from our mothers.

1. Discipline

A mother always sets a good example; when we see that she values discipline, we are more likely to pick it up and apply it to ourselves. We have observed her rising early each day, juggling her obligations, eating on time, and carving out time each day for us. One of the most crucial lessons we pick up from our mothers is discipline.

2. Sharing & Kindness

An essential component of a child’s moral growth is sharing and caring. We learn to work together, be kind, and do things for others as children when we are taught to share and care for others. As a result, we learn to care for them and their feelings and reactions as we grow into adulthood.

3. Affection & Love

Mothers are experts at educating their kids to respect and love others. The lessons women give their children about loving and respecting others make the world a better place. They impart the importance of empathy, comprehension, and how to care for people other than oneself.

4. Respect

One of the first lessons our mothers teach us is this. They teach us to respect those around us, regardless of age, race, or social condition. We learn and start to appreciate our parents first when we are young. This occurs due to their treatment of us and our other family members equally.

5. Hard work

A mother puts in more effort than anyone. She teaches us the importance of perseverance and education in pursuing our goals. Be it staying at home, doing all the duties and looking after everyone, or supporting her family by working full-time and caring for her children when she gets home. Mothers are on duty 24/7. So, this is a lesson children learn from them just by seeing it implemented.

6. The value of patience

Mothers usually teach how to balance life with patience. Of course, it has its ups and downs to be a mother. However, with patience, mothers always overcome all of the concessions and adjustments that come with parenthood. Mothers impart the same lesson to their young children and help them learn the value of patience. 

7. The value of compassion 

Mothers are kind to everyone. Be it friends, foes, dogs, cats, frenemies, or the house help. Their kindness manifests in the generous hospitality they extend to anyone visiting the house. However, one of the most crucial lessons a mother imparts is this.

8. To be selfless

Mothers are naturally selfless and put their families and children first. They instill in their kids the value of putting others’ needs ahead of their own. 

9. Never give up

Mothers always encourage us never to give up. When kids struggle with physical and emotional problems, they are always there to support and motivate their kids. 

10. The importance of values

Mothers always teach their children the importance of values. She emphasizes the value of integrity, commitment, and inclusivity. Mothers are always quite fussy about their children’s values and morality.

11. How to be brave

During a crisis, a mother is the glue that ties a family together so they can tide over the problem they face. Families would disintegrate at the first sign of conflict if it weren’t for their courage.

12. How to recognize genuine beauty

Mothers seldom neglect to compliment their little ones. Instead, they always ensure everyone in the family is pleased by showing appreciation and training their children to do the same. 

13. The strength of dedication

“Dedication, steadfastness, allegiance, faithfulness, and loyalty” are some definitions of commitment. Mothers always succeed in teaching their children the strength and significance of devotion.

14. How to establish connections

Relationships are a two-way street, and every relationship needs much work. Yet, no matter how demanding one may be, our mothers never give up on it; they fight to strengthen it.

15. Being Accountable

Today’s mothers not only carry the weight of their entire home on their shoulders, but they also balance a full-time career. As a result, they teach us the importance of responsibility. 

A mother’s heart is composed of gold and is a diamond in everyone’s life. For a child, she is the ultimate source of happiness. Her contributions are certainly too significant to imagine. But, above all, her love is pure and innocent. Always love her the way she loves you, and never forget her teachings because a mother is the best teacher in the world.


“Saral hu Saadharn nhi” (Simplicity is not Ordinary). This phrase encapsulates her entire existence. A woman of few words, a daydreamer, who is certain that there is life beyond stars. An HR professional who began her writing journey when corona knocked on our doors. A Content Writer, Screenplay Writer, and published Author. She is die-hard romantic and that reflects in her quotes, poems and short stories and currently working on her first book. She enjoys cooking, dancing, singing, travelling, and is a huge Bollywood enthusiast. She is a wife, a mother and a friend you can most certainly rely on.

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