A Folk Tale

Whenever the futile try ensued
Mother punished the little bird 
And encourage it to master foraging food
The little wings were exhausted, disproportional    
The tiny tot was worn out with hunger.

While watching the little ones' hardship
The mother bird was asked why?
She started narrating a story. 
 "There once lived a mother and child
Their bonds were such that,
The baby was her whole world.

Whenever he was scolded by someone
She fought with them,
For her, he was the epitome of perfection.
On the way to school
She protects him by holding him, 
Not being hurt by stones or thorns.

Unlike others, she took his school bags
Up to the classroom
She didn't sleep until he finished his studies.
She gave him pocket money even without asking
She wanted him always be delighted
The smiles on his face were her sunshine.

She prepared sumptuous meals to relish him
He was her life and happiness.
As his wings got resilience,
He flew away far away
Her calls were left unanswered 
Her searches went in vain
The chill of loneliness hurts her spirit
She waited and waited.

At last, a call arrived.
She was on cloud nine to receive it
She went to see her bundle of joy,
The sight was dreadful,
A heart full of grief, she called him,
The voice didn't come out
The boy in the chain wanted to hug her
She approached him in a semi-conscious state
He hugged her, called' Amma,'
Within no time, he bites her ear,
Spits out the bloody words
"if you punish me for my wrong deeds,
Direct me to the right path
I wouldn't land in this world of offences."
The mother bird, with tears in her eyes,
Stopped for a while,
The little one started up,
With beaming joy and love.


Contributing Writer & Poet, Art Of How To,

Retired Finance Officer, Kerala State Electricity Board

Daydreamer, Traveller, Freelance Writer

Home Chef, Mother & Wife

An over-thinker who finds solace in the cathartic effect of writing.

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