2023 Workplace Trends

In contrast to 2022, which saw a lot of responses to the turmoil in the workplace and the global economy, the upcoming year will see many modifications.

It is fantastic news for individuals working in technology and considering a career change. So let’s look at a few workplace trends predicted to take off in 2023.

Without getting into it, it is evident that the working environment in the world has completely changed over the past few years. Furthermore, our analysis of future labour estimates from many industries has shown that some of these shifts are long-term. Overall, many tech professionals should find this to be excellent news.

Trends influencing the workplace in 2023

What does this mean for employees and those looking to change careers?

1. The location of work? Hybrid systems & remote-first

The year 2022 demonstrated to employers that IT professionals could be trusted to work remotely, and it also showed that most employees desire to maintain that.

Globally, 75% of workers think working remotely is the new norm.

Simply said, the positive aspects of their existence (such as not having to commute) outweighed the drawbacks, such as a lack of interaction with their coworkers.

As the number of remote-first businesses grows, an equal number of people choose a mixed work paradigm. The hybrid home-office combination strategy has fundamentally altered people’s thoughts about office space. Companies save a lot of money by not engaging in the commercial real estate game of having a prestigious office and needing fewer workstations overall.

But given that they now have to compromise by working from home, it only makes sense that employees have a right to be paid for this. Coworking spaces can be an excellent alternative for people who find working from home challenging.

2. Empowering workers

It would be an understatement to suggest that this is the most significant change to the labor market in generations and will continue seismically impacting the workplace in 2023.

This should give career changers and those thinking about making the switch hope. While you may be concerned about more competition for positions, the opposite is occurring, and the power dynamic is moving in favor of the employees themselves.

More and more people are changing careers and taking risky professional steps, which is encouraging and inspirational if you’re considering a career transition.

On a larger scale, The Great Resignation is forcing businesses to examine themselves, improving working conditions significantly, especially in the tech sector.

One of the even more significant implications is the challenge to the widely held notion that success, in general, is related to work performance. Workers are calling for a better work-life balance, especially after the pandemic. In some businesses, the four-day workweek is becoming more popular.

3. The importance of employee experience is rising

The massive number of workers who have decided „enough is enough“ has shocked the labor market. Businesses are paying close attention to what workers want from their workspaces.

Employee Experience (EX), once a minor aspect of an HR department’s remit, is expected to gain enormous importance over the next few years.

What sort of services is being provided by businesses to enhance EX, then? These can include providing adequate mental health support—something whose significance has only been highlighted by the pandemic—additional sick days, money for employees’ living expenses, various discounts, and proactively recognizing employees’ contributions to the workplace.

4. Assistance for employees who work remotely

Ensuring employees are adequately equipped for their roles is another crucial area of working life that an effective EX strategy should address.

Employees must have all necessary equipment if they are occasionally expected to work from home. This includes a budget for setting up their actual WFH space and the digital tools they require to connect properly from a distance.

This could be a realization that lengthy Zoom sessions don’t truly accomplish anything, which would increase productivity and speed up decision-making.

Due to the epidemic, the demand for solutions that facilitate online collaboration has increased dramatically. As a result, the upcoming year will see more of these tools integrated and introduced to the office, delivering actual benefits, from the short screen recorder Loom to the virtual whiteboard workspace Miro.

5. Skills before roles

In general, job searchers will notice a change in perception quickly in 2023. This is due to a broader shift in how work is evaluated.

Those familiar with the tech sector would respond that this has been the case for decades, with potential teammates evaluated on their abilities rather than their past accomplishments.

For people considering a new sector or career, the feeling of inadequacy caused by a lack of “related” professional experience is a prevalent concern. So it is liberating to have the industry openly acknowledge that your skills are what counts. Examine the most valuable abilities in that field if planning a significant job shift.

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