Zodiac and Health

Astrology and health are not scientifically related. No scientific evidence suggests that the astrological positions of celestial objects or planetary movements directly affect human health. While some people may believe in astrology and seek guidance from astrologers for health-related issues, it is essential to remember that astrology is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is always advisable to consult a qualified medical professional for any health concerns and to follow their advice.

Still, have you ever wondered why some people are prone to repeated episodes of the same illness despite it not running in the family?

Of course, the answer could be specific choices (smoking, drinking) or lifestyle repercussions. But did you also know that being born in a particular zodiac could make you notably vulnerable to a specific condition!!!

Hear me out. Before you shun this theory down as unsupported, consider these matters: 

  • Your zodiac is decided by the month you are born.
  • The atmospheric, seasonal, and climactic compositions change every month.
  • Your surrounding climactic composition affects your body’s chemical composition.
  • Planetary alignments affect and sometimes cause the ‘seasons’ to say so… and also cause climate changes just as it can cause tides! 
  • Based on the science of nature, Ayurveda classifies a human’s chemical composition as one of the three doshas, i.e., Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. These are primarily believed to be responsible for every human’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This, in turn, bases its study on five elements, i.e., Aakash (space), Jala (water), Prithvi (earth), Teja (fire), and Vayu (air) – each of which gets affected by planetary alignments, i.e., astronomy!

Ancient Greek doctor and philosopher Hippocrates, who is also known as the father of Western medicine, apparently said that “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician, and the contribution of astronomy to medicine is not a small one but a great one indeed.”

While this will always remain debatable in common folklore, it can make an interesting case to see if the theory holds up personally. Picture a human body and graphically divide it into 12 rows (like rows of an excel sheet) starting from head to toe… put each zodiac in each row, beginning with Aries first and ending with Pisces at the feet of the figure! Although this will be a straightforward and linear presentation, it gives you a guesstimate of what it may be. So, your wild guess of Pisces having trouble with feet is bang on target!

Let’s check out each of the zodiacs

Head, Face, & Brain 

It is assumed these babies of the zodiac are hot-headed and fiery. So as a result, they encounter a lot of heat-related issues. Migraines, recurrent headaches, stress-related illnesses, hair fall issues, and acne are common issues Aries face. They are usually pretty reckless with their health, but when sick, they become susceptible and expect tender love and care. Guess what? A head massage can instantly relax an Aries (and may also turn them on!)

Throat, neck, thyroid, & Ear

Stubborn human beings take a long time to heal. Usually, they are always at extremes – either bodybuilders or die-hard foodies; there’s nothing in-between. They tend to suffer most from sore throats, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, ear infections, etc. They must take care of the Ear-Nose-Throat combination well. A neck and shoulder massage can do them well!

Lungs, Shoulders, Arms and Hands, & the Nervous system

As ‘Twin’ personalities as they are, the ailments affect the ‘pairs’ of the body parts too…like arms, hands, shoulders, etc. Usually have respiratory diseases involving lung infections, asthma, and breathing difficulties. They may be prone to anxiety disorders, mental exhaustion, panic, etc., and must practice alternative healing therapy to keep things in check. Regular massages and manicures are the favourite ways Gemini likes to pamper themselves.

Chest, Stomach, & digestive system

Cancerians are also very emotional and don’t open up to many people. The flip side of this is that their digestive system follows suit! As a result, they usually experience frequent stomach discomfort, infections, period pains, digestion issues, etc. Their metabolism also may take a massive hit due to all this. Due to them being emotional and not opening up, the bottled feelings may result in depression and finding comfort in food. Therefore, binge eating or comfort food becomes a constant issue.

Back, heart, Spine, & blood

Leos are fearless lions and have issues accepting defeat or rejection. Heartache, therefore, is a constant and nagging issue. Heart attacks could also be a lingering danger if not addressed in time. They like to walk tall and strong and work hard, which is good. But on the flip side also results in many back problems and Spinal cord issues. A back massage and an ego-in-check keep Leo healthy and brimming with Pride.


That’s not true, but that is what they BELIEVE!! They are big worriers and can worry themselves into any possible real or imaginable disease. Their problems are with Abdomen, the Digestive System, the Stomach, and the Intestines. Eating disorders and weight issues could be expected. Stomach irritations are a constant issue; digestion problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and even ulcers in the worst cases. They must learn to relax and give their bodies some much-needed rest to align with Nature.

Lower back, kidneys, adrenal glands, skin, & bladder

Librans try to balance everything in their life, which affects their physical and mental health. They experience problems with organs that eliminate waste from the body, incredibly fluid waste. Kidney stones, Skin problems, and bladder issues are familiar with them. Poor eating habits and reluctance to seek help compound the issues further. Librans don’t like taking a break even while sick and, least of all, admitting they may be out of action. They must realize the importance of taking breaks and allowing the body time to heal. A simple solution of drinking the elixir of life – WATER- can save both skin and kidneys!

Nose, blood, Reproductive system, waste elimination organs, & bowels

Hormonal imbalances are something the Scorpio has to deal with perpetually. It could lead to erratic monthly cycles in females and several male reproductive disorders. Dehydration is also something a Scorpio suffers from very often. The silver lining is that they understand their body’s needs well and will unabashedly take time off to heal and rejuvenate. Scorpios love the thrill of risk, putting them on the ‘accidental injury’ list. Therefore, they must take personal safety precautions very, very seriously.

Hips, legs, thighs, sciatic nerve, and eyes/vision

Sagittarius loves to travel and experience adventure and is usually reckless. This could often lead to a random accident. By middle age, they already experience problems with their legs/walking, sciatica nerve issues, and vision. Mindfulness can help Sagittarians to re-center themselves and save themselves from a mishappening. ‘Look before you leap’ is a mantra they should try practicing. This also requires them to take good care of their eyes!

Bones, knees, teeth, Skeletal system, & joints

The Capricorn is a hard-working goat. And what does hard work affect most physically? The Joints! Yup. That’s what they struggle with. Knee pain, lower back issues, ligament tears, and everything related to sudden impact or prolonged physical labour. They battle with calcium deficiency and bone density problems. A Capri must take their health seriously lest they risk lifetime troubles with moving around. Osteoporosis and arthritis could be possible if appropriate precautions are not taken early. 

Lower legs, ankles, shins, & the blood circulatory system

Varicose veins are a significant problem. Weak ankles are another. Both can contribute to lousy support for your upper body. Just like the Aquarius faces difficulty connecting with people, their ankles (where your body connects with the earth) bear the brunt of the disease. Ankle injury or sprain in the lower legs is familiar to them. In addition, poor blood circulation often leads to fluid retention or accumulation in certain body parts, which could lead to more severe conditions like Edema or Heart failure in the worst case. 

Nervous system, feet, thalamus, Toes, & Lymphatic System

They are the parents of the zodiac. And what do Parents do? Mostly – They worry themselves to death! Pisceans can and will worry about everything there to think about – the climate, earthquakes, global warming, rising terrorism, mother earth, father Pluto, blah blah, etc., etc., etc.! Yet, that’s just a tiny trailer of how much worrying they are capable of! So, they suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, depression, and a weakened immune system because of all this worry and mania. On a physical level, they have foot-related issues like Corn, bunions or athlete’s foot, rotting toenails, uprooting nails, etc. Pisceans tend to get careless with their health and must eliminate this habit

Oh Yeah! Loads of trouble we people go through. What did you find true about your zodiac? Let me know…

Veena Gupta, a homemaker, doting mother, and a loving wife, who takes pride in a long-standing career in Banking and Finance. While her life took shape and as she was pursuing all this, something kept tugging her creativity. This pull lead her to decide to express her thoughts through writing. True to her name, her words flow from her pen to resonate with the reader’s mind like the soothing music that the musical instrument Veena creates! For someone who likes to experiment in life through adventure sports, trekking, and other varied interests, Veena likes to bring her experience, background and perspective to her readers through her simple yet effective writing to push the fact home!

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