Show Me

Show me stars in the night sky
Show me light above the tunnel
Show me peace within chaos 
Show me paradoxes of life 
Worth a million different meanings.

Show me power in knowledge
Show me women without rage 
Show me ecstasy of heaven
Show me the wrath of hell
Show me unholy visions
Show me unruly customs
Empowered with the prowess of nature.

Show me life beyond a heartbreak 
Show me death beneath a smile
Show me kindness in evil
Show me goodness in the distressed
Caged within stereotypes.

Show me white in colour
Show me vibrancy in darkness
Show me scars in beauty
Show me flawlessness in cracks
Show Me.

Aakanksha Dinah, a passionate writer, orator, communicator focused on establishing a Training institution centered on creativity and innovation. Aakanksha is a true believer in loving the work we do and strongly believes in smart-work, the reason why creativity works better for her. Aakanksha is enormously focused on making a career in professional writing and publishing. She loves writing poems, self-help articles, and essays. An enthusiast when it comes to learning languages and in short, Aakanksha is a wanderer, an explorer, a mom, a dog-mom, a poet, a cook, a writer, and an influencer.

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