Not Guilty

I am not guilty of leaving my baby every day and going to work. I mean, I do miss him like crazy. When I am away all I think is, what he’s doing, what he ate, whether he took his timely nap, if he was behaving well and what not. Although, I feel it is paramount and central for me to keep myself occupied differently than just being my boy’s mom!

I have always been a girl who made her own money and paid her bills. It is not only crucial for my financial independence but also my sanity and self-confidence! My job is as critical to me as my time with my son while he grows up. Keeping my mind and body busy outside of what happens in the house gives me a sense of clarity and existence.

I am very sure that I want my boy to watch his mom go out there and make things work, makes things happen for the best. It gives me a sense of confidence and uplifts me to do better for myself so that I can provide the best for my little man.

It is so important to instill the thought of both parents sharing equal responsibilities in the child’s mind and life. He must watch his dad and mom taking care of him and sharing responsibilities in the house equally. This will ensure he sees balance in everything around him. This also develops a sense of gender unbiased thoughts and emotions within him.

I am not guilty of being occupied and taking care of myself on a daily basis. Only if I am physically and mentally myself can I be physically and mentally there for my son. To teach him and to inculcate respect and gratitude for women in his life, he must witness what women give up and go through to survive in this absolute gender-biased society.

It was not easy but not as difficult as it may seem to be for many. We do need a strong will and an understanding partner who can help us make our own decisions. As long as my brain is productive, there’s monetary independence, work-life balance, love, and respect for one another, life is beautiful.

It’s a way of life and I am sure this will not only make me stronger as a woman and a mother but make my son a more responsible gentleman who understands women and their breed.

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