Astro Disasters

Ever glanced at a stranger and sensed instant hostility towards them? And then wondered why did that happen in the first place. What made you feel so much bitterness and resentment towards them even though you two haven’t met?

There’s quite a possibility here, that it’s not you, but your respective Zodiacs at War! Remember your romantic partner you wished you had never dated? Or never even met! They were the same people you once were moony-eyed for. But once you got close, they turned out to be your worst nightmares. What could have gone wrong there was your initial attraction connived by your very own Zodiac.

Just as there are Love signs; there are signs that are so incompatible that they should Never Date! Let’s delve into some of these Disastrous Matches:

One of my favorites of all the Disasters! If you arrange all the signs in order they are usually discussed, it starts with Aries and ends with Pisces. Ever wondered why?

That’s because they are arranged chronologically according to their Mental age and Maturity. So accordingly, ARIES is the BABY of the Zodiac while Pisces is the PARENT of the Zodiac. Now, before you train your guns on me, let me clarify that I don’t mean Aries is immature. It only refers to their demeanor. Aries is more free-spirited like a child, while Pisces has a more mature outlook and comportment.

For the same reasons, they are incompatible to the core. You would say that a parent-child relationship should be great… Well, yes! But ever imagined having a child for a life partner? Of course, Aries will gel well with others similar to them…but not the Pisces. Aries wants attention, noise, and activity around them while Pisces craves stillness, tranquility, and quiet. It is no wonder then that they top the list of incompatibility!

Cancer is characterised by the crab. It takes a long time to come out of its shell. It can do so only if trusts its surroundings enough and trust takes a long time to build. 

Aries, being the child of the Zodiac is impatient. It lives in the moment and cannot comprehend what takes cancer so long to commit! Aries believes in love (and even sex) at the spur of the moment. While Cancer to commit, it has to be an eternal promise transcending lifetimes. By the time Cancer has made up its mind to commit, Aries has already packed up their bags and left!

Another one of my favorites! Scorpio commands loyalty. Geminis are flirtatious. End of story.

Scorpio cannot understand, for the life of them, why Gemini finds it okay to mingle and hit upon everyone in sight. Both Scorpio and Gemini like attention and being the ‘Star’ of the party, but detest the same streak in the other. 

Gemini energy flows like air and their moods change with the wind. This is particularly scary for Scorpios who are trying to score them on Trust Index. For Scorpio, Gemini is too impulsive and inconsistent to be trustworthy.

Leo is loud, flashy, and believes in the GRANDEUR of Life. Pisces is sensitive, timid, and broody. Need I say more about why they don’t make a good pair?

Leo believes in being the life of the party while Pisces enters a party in ‘incognito mode. Leo believes they know all that is there to know. Pisces feels only God knows everything. Leo wants to rock the party, and Pisces wants to spend the evening on a secluded beach counting the stars and talking about angels. Leo loves themselves and Pisces loves everyone in the world. Both cannot comprehend each other’s psyche and hence are incompatible.

Cancer is a sensitive sign and can get moody and pensive without warning. Aquarius on the other hand are level-headed and clear in their heads. Aquarius loves ideas, innovations, discoveries, and new ways of doing things. Cancer seeks stability, familiarity, and simplicity – which spells stagnation and boredom for Aquarius.

Cancer seeks emotional stimulation to feel the love, while Aquarius is the Loner – lost in their world seeking answers, and hence aloof. This dissatisfies cancer’s emotional needs which spells doomsday for the relationship

Sagittarius believes in charming everyone to get their job done. They are less bothered by methods, procedures, and protocols and couldn’t care less about bullet points in your presentation. They are party animals and life is a big party for them!

Capricorn on the other hand is very methodological and professional. Their professional identity is everything to them. They work very very hard to reach their goal while Sagittarius believes in charming their opponents to win the game. Capricorns are dependable and trustworthy, while Sagittarius lives for the moment. Both are poles apart which is why they shouldn’t even come close to committing. 

Taurus believes in taking it slow and steady. Stability is everything to them. They, therefore, are seldom frivolous and finicky. More earthy and laidback is what appeals to them.

Leos on the other hand are flashy, fiery, attention-grabbing thrill seekers. They do not understand Taurus’ need for anonymity. Everything going on in Leo’s life must be ‘shown off, while Taurus wants to keep it extremely private. Leo’s ‘Life is a party’ energy is too much to take for a Laid-back Taurean. Leo loves the spotlight while Taurus is reserved. 

If Taurus – the bull – gets angry somehow, nothing stands in their way. This of course does not go well with the ‘King of the Jungle’ – LEO the Lion!

There are often many other factors that play a vital role in determining the compatibility of two people – Which is why there can never be an acid test devised to gauge that. Having said that, there’s some role that zodiacs do play in explaining mysterious feelings of like and dislike you experience for someone you have just met. So, if you are still wondering about why you broke up with your ex, you may want to check their zodiac once again!

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3 thoughts on “Astro Disasters

  1. This is so true for me – “Remember your romantic partner you wished you had never dated? Or never even met! ” Loved it! Astro is my pet topic. Love reading about it!

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