Dream Analysis

We, humans, love to dream. We dream endlessly. Some are aspirational ones – the ones we dream with open eyes – Our goals and Ambitions. And then there are dreams we see while asleep – the hallucinatory experience that occurs while sleeping.

The ‘Hallucinations’ (if I am allowed to call them so) are ironically considered very important. They symbolize what our subconscious is trying to communicate to us. It is said to be your psyche’s secret language. What you cannot comprehend in your waking life, often translates into dreams. Many a time your subconscious sees things you don’t realize or won’t admit in a conscious state. It tries to warn you of dangers lurking around that you won’t notice in your cognitive state.

Dreams may be silly at times and scary, nightmarish at other times. What is noteworthy is that your dreams mean something and they are trying to tell you something. It is important to note the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of what you dreamt. 

Some dreams may be just a spill out of what you went through during the day. But some may have a deeper association. Depending upon what we see, we may be able to interpret the meaning of a few such visions.

1. Falling/Breaking Teeth

Dreams of your teeth breaking or falling out mean you may be dealing with some loss in your life. Something important to you is at stake. This is particularly symbolic of losing control over a situation. Losing ‘say’ over something. Losing power. Often feeling insecure over a situation or circumstance. Teeth are also, in a way, a symbol of youth and appeal. Loss of it may at times signal your anxiety over losing health or youth or your amorousness. The fear may be realistic or a figment of your imagination, but there is anxiety related to it.

Any major life changes could also trigger such a dream. It is important to note what other emotions you experienced in your dream while losing your teeth.

2. Being Naked

These are dreams where you see yourself naked. With family or friends or in public. While this can be bewildering, it is not as bad. More often, it’s just you who sees yourself as such. It’s important to note what were the ‘others’ in your dream doing. Were they looking at you or just going about their usual business? Did they notice that you were that way? This means that there is something you are concerned will tarnish your image. Somehow the subconscious is aware of this and is projecting it as a dream in your subliminal world. If the people in your dream are going about their regular business (while you are dying in embarrassment), it is just indicative that this is just your imagination.

If they are looking at you or mocking you, then there is reason to be concerned. If they did notice and were helping you, then it’s great as this means you have a supportive circle.  

3. Spotting a Snake/Reptile

There are very few people who aren’t afraid of a reptile, especially snakes. If in your conscious life, you are afraid of reptiles, the spotting of a snake in your dream is about the same too. Snakes represent clear and present danger. It’s important to pay attention to the conduct of the reptile in your dream. Is it harming you? Is it angry and violent? Is it slithering fast or slow? Is it just present and lurking around? Is it in your clear sight or disappears? Answers to all these questions will illustrate what the snake represents. If it is just present there and not harming you, it could mean you perceive some threat or risk and that it needs to be addressed before it starts striking you. If it is staring back at you – reveals that the person or the situation is aware and is consciously trying to do so. 

Even the colour of the reptile has to do with how you feel. If the snake is black or dark-skinned, it represents great danger. Somewhat of a mystery. If it is a lighter shade, then it probably signifies imminent but benign trouble. Pay attention to what you ‘felt’ in the snake’s presence. Who was in your mind at that time? In whose presence or what situation, do you feel similarly in your waking life? This will tell you a great deal about the existing danger that your mind is trying to reveal.

4. Water

Water represents the emotional state of your being. Water, in your dreams, could mean tranquillity or trouble, both. Water is necessary for survival but also destructive if it rages. It matters as to how the water behaved in your dream. Was it clear or murky, little or abundant? Raging or quiet. Were you immersed in it or watching from a distance? Everything matters. Clear but raging water (as in the case of waterfalls) could also mean suppressed sexual tension. Murky or dirty waters mean a deep sense of guilt or trauma – something that you are struggling hard to overcome. 

Drowning or being submerged in water spells trouble – it signifies a situation where you see no hope yet. Just as you gasp for a breath while drowning, similarly you are desperately looking for a solution to your current situation. Something that may be weighing you down. 

5. Free Fall

This is when you see yourself falling into nothingness. You could be seeing yourself as a 3rd person or experiencing the fall with open eyes. Either way, it is frightening. This happens primarily when you feel you are losing control of your life. Your balance in life. When you experience loss of support or feel helpless in a situation, it could translate into dreaming about falls. It could be related to your subconscious warning you about taking too much risk about a recent decision you may have made recently. It is not a divine intervention for sure. Rather your subconscious just playing it out for you, what you already know deep down. 

Image of a girl falling.

What it tells you is about losing ‘ground’ i.e., support and foundation. There is no wonder then that this dream is common to someone recovering from PTSD. 

Dream analysis or Dream interpretation attempts to explain that your dream is not necessarily to be taken at face value. The snake in your dream isn’t a snake. Neither are you going to necessarily spot a snake soon? The dream or the object doesn’t say much about anything. 

Image dreamlike

More often it is to do with what you ‘felt’ while you saw that. It has more to do with what you experienced while you were dreaming. That is where the focus should be. That is what gives you an insight into your issue. While we try to analyze or interpret a dream, we are only trying to understand what is running in our minds. What your subconscious is trying to warn you about? It may be something you already know but are afraid to admit. 

Whether you felt fear while dreaming, insecurity or anxiety, or suppression, that is the real problem. That is where the analyses and the healing should be directed at. So, next time you dream, pay attention to your feelings. Your subconscious is trying to show you something!

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4 thoughts on “Dream Analysis

  1. Loved it, Veena. I used to get recurring dreams on free falls and me drowning in deep waters throughout childhood. I was often running in a deep jungle too. I can now connect dots well after reading your article. 🙂 Dream analysis was my favourite topic when I was studying Psychology as a student as well.

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