Calm in the ocean
Breeze in the sky,
Beauty of nature
Friends who don't lie:
Freshness of flowers
Vastness of the night sky,
Honour and power
Come with friends, ask why!

Truth behind smiles:
Faith, love, hope, and likes -
Some live on, some don't;
Friends are mysterious
Angels who drop by!

Time gives us people
To fall back on, to talk,
To tear and to rely on. 
Prowess of understanding
Being there and kindling kindness;
Friends are more than 
Fun and happy faces. 

Joy of laughter, tears of glee;
More than a lover, 
Never less than family:
Friends - truth to which one agrees. 
Say no more, glad for them,
For being there, walking beside,
Shoulder to shoulder:
Footprints meet,
Just how it's meant to be. 

More than smiles 
More than the travelled miles
Presence of mind 
And shoulder to cry,
Friends are God-given 
Blessing of a lifetime! 
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