Dear Comrade

Together, we saw
The parting sun goes to bed,
Down on the bay.
The rain stops a while,
To come out the stars,
And sparkles on the sea.

Together, we saw
The kissing two skies, 
When the sun comes up
Adding heavenly beauty, 
To the blazing desert.

Together, we laughed a little harder,
Cried a little less,
But smiled a lot
Like a four-leaf clover.

Thee, the most valuable gift
The life ever offered me.
I loved to say, 
The best days of life, 
Was with you, my dear.

If I didn't have you,
What would my mourning childhood be?
My dreamy adolescents be?
My guileful teenage be?

You always scooped me up
When I was drowning, 
In melancholy, in sadness.
Offered me thy shoulder, 
To shed out my agonies.
You're not measured by time, 
 Computed by the size of the imprint
 Thy leaves in my heart.

When you're not around,
All the fun went away
Like lines of a fairy tale 
Scripted only for us.

I know, 
I am the imperfect, 
I am the wrong, 
I am the poorest, 
Nobody except you befriended me.

Thy never gave advice,
Never been deceitful 
Nothing toxic comes from thee
But are cared for and supported,
Quieter, but are listening,
Standing by my side.

Never lied to me with a compliment
Loved me as I am, 
With all my fallibility.

Oh, friend
Catch me back, 
Hold me in your heart, 
Pick me up like, 
Just spoke yesterday.

Thy live, 
How long or how far far away,
For me, 
Enough is thy memoirs.
Thank you, buddy, 
For bringing that sun, 
In the sky of friendship, 
To shed light on my cloudy days, 
As a ray of love and hope.
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