Three Months of Being Pregnant

I didn’t go through the nine to ten months of pregnancy like most women do – quite literally. I discovered the pregnancy only during my fifth month, so I didn’t notice the suffering of the first trimester and its nauseating consequences! I noticed quickening and that’s where my journey of being pregnant started. That’s what I felt first about the whole deal.

On the 4th of September 2021, I went for my first ultrasound scan. There I saw the person growing inside me. A little human being inside me that all this while I did not notice. What I saw overwhelmed me. I instantly cried. My emotions were driving me to a state that I have never felt before. I am an emotional person and what I saw, I can never forget. The first time I saw the baby, it yawned. When I saw the baby yawn inside my belly, I decided it was going to be just fine – it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. That was when I told myself that this was part of my destiny for sure.

It was then I came back to tell myself that I am going to get so ready for this baby. I quite didn’t have any expectations. I did think it would be a girl and even thought of a name – Tiah! I somehow could not come up with a boy’s name. I was somehow sure it was going to be a girl.

I watched my tummy grow. I could not believe it. I remember imagining how it would be when I was much younger. It was all about curiosity. Curious to know how, when, what and why of pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, raising a child, handling babies, baby songs, baby movies, and everything related to being a new parent. I taught myself many things. I researched, watched videos, read articles, watched interviews, spoke to new parents, and consulted with my doctor with whom I bombarded all my questions. I did everything possible I could have. I remember waking the baby with little pats on my belly and feeling him kick! It was out of this world! Those feelings make you so vulnerable and emotional and it is the most beautiful sensation of all times.

I began to not fit into the clothes I was flaunting a few months back. I started eating more. At that time, I did not particularly think much about the weight I was accumulating. I wanted the baby to be healthy especially because I did not provide him with the right medication and care he was supposed to get during the initial stages of pregnancy. There were minor complications due to lifestyle and negligence of health earlier, but we were fine.

I was not sure how to prepare myself, the house, my Marley the Lhasa Apso, my room, my partner, my parents, my sister, or the environment to welcome the baby. I was lucky to have one of my best friends, Aishwarya who was a new mom herself, by my side from day one of knowing about the pregnancy to guide me and tell me what and what not to do and expect during the whole process.

I remember feeling excited and scared at the same time when the doctor said she was going to induce my labour on the 2nd of December 2021. On the last day of being pregnant, we celebrated by going for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants. On the 1st of December, we cut a beautiful baby-themed cake Aishwarya brought for me and went to the hospital to get admitted.

Things fell into place – at the right pace, at the right time, just perfectly aligned with the Universe.

To be continued…

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