The Old School Is The New School

We are all forgetful time and again of how in a race we are caught up and how we have evolved from being socially, emotionally, and interpersonally bound and attached, to being detached from even our very own selves! 

Time has come, my friends, to look into the scene and pave way for a generation that does not need blog posts and articles to know and “learn” what it is like to smile wholeheartedly and be happy overwhelmingly. The problem with us is that we don’t have the time for the little, beautiful things that truly add value to us – we are constantly after the greater things, unaware of the fact that the smaller things are the very fragments of the greater things that we are so eager about!

The power of little things like being grateful and smiling at one another is forgotten. Values are not valued anymore and old school is shamed for no reason. Old school, however, teaches us to be productive, active, happier, and patient; giving us important life lessons like being honest and keeping good people around us. Old school teaches us the importance of staying put and grounded. Old school also teaches us that “old school” is the place you will come back to in the end. To never forget your roots.

We are constantly in the dilemma of whether or not to listen to the age-old lectures of our elders or go with the flow of this peer-pressured life. We tend to take the shorter, more “fun” road over the possibly right one. However, there will be a point in time when we will finally realize the importance of that “right” road and maybe that moment will be one when nothing really can be done about the lost time, energy and opportunities.

Life is too short to just go with the flow. 
Life is too short to not smile. 
Life is too short to not experience. 
Life is too short for detachments. 
Life is too short to realize later the things that mattered. 
Life is too short to worry over the split milk. 

So, smile and take that old school lessons seriously; travel through the road where things are much clear and happier. The road in which worries are just part of who we are and not the destination in which we need to invest the whole of our lives and peace in. The old school IS the new school.

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