The Joy Of Writing

Even from my childhood, I couldn’t combat the temptation of my wild dreams to transcribe. I know they were inexpensive. All I needed was a pencil and a piece of paper. It was absolute bliss. I then realised that I wasn’t the only one. Many from my peer group were also engrossed in the sheer pleasure of doing it. Engaging in writing and reading the narrative of the visual imagery brings enormous pleasure.

Of course, the passion continues as the day goes on. Writing makes my heart sing. Daydreaming uplifts me and deeply reverberates with me. It does something to me. It makes me feel alive amidst sorrow, rejection, overburdened domestic duties, office works, and so on. My mind escapes to a certain world.

This was happening very often, I have to admit. I was wondering if it was the state of a relaxed mind, to escape from the vagaries of day-to-day life. It must be the same for many others also. It’s important to have the courage to live with what bemuse you. Yes, it’s ok, absolutely ok for me. It’s the confidence to go ahead with a completely personal choice, whether someone reads me, appreciates me, criticises me, makes fun of me, it never mattered. I just want to acknowledge myself, enjoy myself.

The pleasure and joy of bringing out the inner self matter. The confidence to look at what’s in a piece of paper, the complete delight, the joy of surrounding oneself with the comfort of a completed art form that resonates and sings a beautiful melody that matters. It has given me the truest opportunity.

As the saying goes, Life’s an opportunity. A dearest opportunity. Yes, I always want to grab that opportunity. Find your inner self, there may be something hidden, turn it towards the bright sunlight. The choice is yours.

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