Valentine Yourself

This Valentine's Day remind yourself that you are important too. You matter to yourself and self-care is one of the most important ritual you need to follow. Love a little harder, a little deeper, a little bias, a little selfish because you deserve it. Your personal welfare has a lot to do with how you survive in this world, how good, bad, ugly are your relationships and how progressive you become. 

So take some time off, breathe, meditate, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit with yourself. This time is all you need to rekindle the inner you and remind yourself what you are, where you're from and where you aim to go. Your destiny is in your own hands. 

YOU are the most important person for you. So get yourself that break you so badly deserve and Valentine yourself this Valentine's Day. Love yourself a little, you deserve it.  
Show me a deeper meaning;
A deeper meaning to self love,
Show me a deeper meaning;
A deeper meaning of a simple smile.
Show me the darkest depths of 
Simplicity and meanings merging
Into a bond of harmonic symphony:
A foundation of mutual understanding. 

Is this all to life? 
To breathe and to be mundane, and still
Have unpleasant memories clogging
The good ones and the better ones
Ruining the fun more often than not! 
Rather not you find rest in yourself
Than pour your heart to the darkness of man.
For you shall be more sensitive,
More poise, more lively, more You
In who you are than 
In who you are looking for in someone else.

Dream like love is eternal
Live like it's made to wither. 
For time shall test the deepest desires of 
Man and woman and it shan't lie, I can tell. 
Mere satisfaction of lazy minds
Coming together for various needs
Physical, emotional and spiritual,
For this can be called a need:
So show me anything deeper than
Loving yourself, knowing yourself
Better than the Universe knows 
Each grain of sand scattered in 
This vast wide world of ours
Where time is all, and time tests all.
For time is love, and time is life, 
And time is what you and I are made of, right?

Poem by Aakanksha Dinah
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