Never Mind

Is it the soft whispers or
The loud thunders in the night?
Is it the calming sea shore or
The rigid uphill ride?

Is it the shoes that no longer fit or
The dress I outgrew of?
Is it the cute smile and a toffee or
The time and again craving for the coffee?

It is the presence of innocence,
The absence of hatred and
The allowance of certain mistakes
That made me – or…

The absence of nightmares,
The presence of day dreams and
The permission to be me
That made me? I don’t know…

When things were not fun,
I laughed and cried and was me.
When the same things were fine,
I did the same…

I don’t know how to put it
Gloom did make its way.
Smiles faded and so did time
And I am here like grandma’s old wine…

There are mornings I cry myself to work
And evenings I laugh with humans.
There are lunches I miss just to miss
And dinners my pillows and I share.

So, where is it all going?
To an unknown destiny or something…
Well, I know things are fine.
Not always but that’s also just fine…

So like angels we come and
Evils we live.
Like someone once said…
Well, never mind…

Poem by Aakanksha Dinah
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