I Am

I am a girl with witty talks and gritty thoughts! 
I am a smart cookie and a bold rookie… 
I am a girl, not tired of exploring but tired of not. 

I am a girl, weary of everything but ready for anything. 
I am a mix of salt and sugar, good and bad, sod and God. 
I am the Redeemer and the convict- of my own silly, klutzy, yet beautiful mind.

I am poison and remedy - with a vision to die for but not consistent enough to get there. 
I am an ass. A lazy ass, a badass. An ass that does not like to be moved. 
I am a warrior, a soldier who does not like wars. I am an artist who shies away from colours. 

I am a magnet that attracts anything. And everything. Closer.
I am a design of nature.
I am literature and science and a bit of theology. 
I am more God loving than fearing.

I take things seriously but not totally enough to depress myself. 
I am loud with the lipstick I wear and bold with the words I use, the clothes that I choose.
I walk the way I please and sing Hillsong like Rock!

I am a whirlwind, a symphony, the calm in the storm and the fire in the ice.
I care. I dare. 
Lay bare in the words I share.

I am an influence – gentle, simple, sharp, wild, happy, wilful… good, evil? 
Does it really matter? 
As long as I know who I am… 
I am a writer with a pen and deep thoughts ! 

Poem by Aakanksha Dinah
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