Walking through the shore
Holding Grandpa's hand
Asking sweet something
Giggling louder and louder.

That's so beautiful,
Life is like a pendulum,
It swings from happiness to sweetness.

Playing in the waves
Dancing with the rhythm of water,
The dewdrops mumbles,
To set our souls free.

Is it so sweet?
If the river visit our house?
Always we are her guests.
His toothless smile brightens.

Don't be a naughty girl,
Everything has its own path,
To flow, to stand, to sit, to walk,
If not nature's balance crumble.

On a day river visits our house.
Not upon asking,
She was not like my friend,
Unheard my wails.

The furious river lost its path,
Took away everything,
The tear-filled eyes witness,
Only the floating walking stick.

Standing here again,
Waiting for the resuscitation,
Of the poor soul,
Captured forcefully from me.

Hope one day she'll be pleased with me,
And return my grandpa.

Even though all alone,
The lone parakeet sings,
Depression overwhelmed.
Can't claim anything that's lost
Still, I love the river...

Poem by K. Syamala  
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