A Step Forward

What's your mantra for happiness?
You are always cheerful, elated
How's it possible?
Dejected, debilitated, the cuckoo asked.

The wind was howling through the trees.
The angling saunter whistled and mumble,
"Shut out noise first,
Listen what you want,
Wear blinkers and earplugs, if possible,
Then keep the eyes high.

Learn to manage the mind,
Concerned only about oneself
Be single-minded in thy pursuit,
Switching off toxicity, learn the art.

Distress, afflictions?
Break out the cause.
A big no to irrelevant chatter
The things that detract contentment,
Unbundle them.

Needless activities on the way?
Don't waste the energy
Be in self-preservation mode
Nothing is more important than the self.

Don't take anxiety as a companion,
Uncertainty, acceptance of the unknown are,
Try not to control the uncontrollable.

The fact is,
I am only equal to myself,
And to go far far away,
Still not expecting a smooth path,
To explore the unknown destinations."

The joyous Zephyr puffed away.
Inhaled those warm fuzzies
The cuckoo appeased  
H E R S E L F…

Poem by K. Syamala  
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