2023 Lets Do It

Do what you like. Live as you please. Be kind to yourself and be mindful. Leave all negativity away, and take criticism with strength. What we can change in ourselves, we can.

Ignore naysayers. Keep close those who want to see you succeed. Let bygones be bygone. Live in harmony and fill life with peace. Don’t adjust for those who never stand by you. Never give in to saying yes to those merely using you for your kindness. Learn to say NO and say it without any guilt. Know this, sometimes, not responding is a response, so know your worth and be clear about what you stand for and where you stand in others’ life first.

Be aware of your self-worth. Once again, be conscious of where you stand among those around you. Steer clear and away from those who judge you and those who never bother to get to know you. People who take time to understand you value them. People who only call you when they need you, help them when in need; however, be clear on where you stand in their life. Always remember, only go where you are invited.

If you love make-up, wear it. If you love to wear lipstick, apply it. If you love to dress up, do it, and if you don’t want to, don’t do it. SAYING NO is hard. How much ever hard it may be, make sure you say you cannot when you cannot. Please don’t say yes to impress or make others feel good about themselves. SAY NO, when it’s a NO. Keep practicing saying NO. Repeat…NO….NO…NO.

Have conviction in one’s worth and abilities. Don’t let someone else’s insecurity ruin your self-confidence. Learn from mistakes. We make judgemental errors, and misunderstandings & misconceptions do happen. But what we do with them makes all the difference. So let’s learn from it. Yes, learn and move forward in life. So, bring it on, and let’s welcome the new year with a bang.

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