I Am Woman

Being Woman…It’s a life full of different phases. Multifarious phases of transition. She is evolving inside her body throughout life, maturing and flowering like a bloom. However, in each stage, she leaves behind something. Something about her that does not escort her for the rest of her life: from a sweet and calm infant to becoming a reckless toddler, she is fun, happy, curious, and all smiles.

As she ages, she transitions into a teenager – confused, anxious, intelligent, and witty. She faces life further to learn that all things are not as glittery as she thought they’d be. Her heart perhaps broken once, twice, or more. She is uncomfortable about her changing body. Breasts maturing, monthlies introduced, and body hair that she feels no one else has – this phase is probably the most jarring and scary for her; she’s still naive and hopeful.

She then becomes more confident in her skin, makes sure she knows the game better, and portrays herself as the epitome of beauty, confidence, and success, though she still has a lot going on inside her brain. But, on the other hand, she is perhaps still as confused and anxious – she masters the art of not looking too vulnerable and naive, maybe wearing the mask too well – hiding her scars behind loud lipstick and heavy foundation.

Her sexuality, personality, speech, tone, likes, and dislikes change with time. She is shattered a hundred or even a thousand times before she becomes the woman she is destined to be – robust, intelligent, confident, and assertive.

A woman matures with the hurdles she crosses and the heartbreaks she endures. A woman who has had it all and seen it all becomes unstoppable. A woman who has done it all becomes irreplaceable. A woman who has transitioned for the need to survive and build an empire on her own is impeccable and immeasurable.

She is a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, neighbour, colleague, and mentor – she is all this and more. She plays each role uniquely and differently. She transforms in each role, learns in each phase, and transitions herself and others around her with her superb ability to touch lives, multitask, analyze and live efficiently.

A woman, therefore, must be appreciated and judged less, for only she knows what she is going through. She must be given as much support and care because as strong as she portrays herself, she is equally weak and seeking love, care, and empathy. Despite repeatedly depicting their strong character and unshakeable attitude, she needs a shoulder not just to cry on but to rely upon; a tall glass of red wine or two and perhaps a soothing night’s sleep not worrying about anything. A man’s world is entirely different and nothing like a woman’s. Though he would need empathy and care for himself, a woman is naturally built differently, and her needs must be catered to differently. A woman is powerful and enigmatic – she can change her world for good and build solid and refined generations.

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