Loving Vs. Being In Love

Love is a beautiful experience. It might be the most profound and indescribable emotion anyone can ever feel. Yet, even though everyone can sense this sentiment, many cannot distinguish between “loving someone” and “falling in love with someone.”

It’s a widespread misconception that they are the same; the objectives may differ, but the intensity may feel the same. To tell the difference between the two, here are six pointers.

You choose to love someone; being in love is not a decision.

When it comes to loving someone, you are entirely in control. Based on their attributes, you decide whether to put your faith in their skills and morality. You also have the choice to stop loving someone or something and let them go from your life if things don’t work out. It is impossible to say the same if you fall in love with someone. You cannot run away from it because it could happen at any time without prior notice. You can tell you’re in love with someone when that feeling lingers in your mind long after you’ve managed to leave.

Being in love requires putting the other person first and wanting the best for them.

You will always want what is best for someone you love. But does this imply that you are prepared to suffer to support them in achieving their objectives? That question never even occurs to you if you are in love with someone since you would never question it. You would prioritize the individual and go above and beyond to ensure their success. However, it may also refer to making the person’s life simpler. You’ll take steps to reduce the person’s stress, such as taking more turns walking the dog or cooking more frequently.

Being in love comes with a lot of emotions. 

Being in love comes with a lot of highs and lows. The issue is that they do not satisfactorily complement one another. The attachment may endure for some time, but the moment a crisis arises, it may all end. It’s similar to riding a rollercoaster, but the experience eventually ends. However, while in love, you never feel the relationship will end in disaster, regardless of what happens. Because you and your partner are in love, you are confident that you two will find a solution.

Being in love requires balance since loving someone means you need them all the time.

Far or near, you need them. You miss them profoundly and the far they are the near they are. Also, it’s not harmful to always want someone around; it implies you adore and value their company. However, when you are in love with someone, you naturally want to be with them all the time, but you also understand that there needs to be a healthy balance between your time together and their time. You realise that the balance is required because you want them to be content. You know they will return home to you at the end of the day, whether you allow them time to indulge in their hobbies or even go out with friends.

Being in love refers to how you make the other person feel, whereas loving refers to how they make you think.

When it comes to love, this is a typical error that individuals frequently make. In response to the question, “Why do you adore this person?” They often reply, “I like how they make me feel.” That response is acceptable but expresses your love for the person, not your infatuation. True love exists when you care more about your lover’s feelings than yourself. You could say that being selfless and prioritising your lover before yourself is a sign of true love.

Being in love is a partnership, and loving implies ownership.

When you love someone, you want the entire world to know that they belong to you. As a result, you give that person a name and claim ownership over them. It would be best if you reassured you regularly that they are your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you also need them to reassure you regularly that they are yours. Labels like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” become meaningless when two people deeply fall in love. You both agree that despite being together, you are both unique individuals. Even though you are a couple, you both acknowledge this fact.

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