Get Your Girl Squad NOW

Good energy, positive vibes, 3 am friends, hangout buddies, impromptu movie-popcorn sessions, unlimited laughter, and crazy souls – all rolled into one are your girl buddies. If you have one, cherish them for life!

I am sure all of you have such a girl gang who are ready to wake up in the middle of the night to hear you rant, vent and cry! But, just like a boy gang, a close-knit girl gang has the power to lift you, boost you when you are at your lowest, and fight for you with anyone in the world! A girl squad around can be your best pillars of strength. 

The first visual I get of a girl squad on reels are my favorite “Sex and The City” gang – sexy, sassy, sophisticated, classy, and wild. Fans of this series and movie will have a favourite character. My all-time favourite is Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall), a sassy, bold, and brash yet caring PR professional. This mid-40s girl always shares her affairs and dating adventures with her girl gang, peps them up and is always by their side when the band needs her advice! Followed by her, I love Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the same movie). She is a columnist for a leading newspaper and is highly independent. Yet, no matter how much her emotions rule her, she is always balanced and rational regarding her friends – already with tissue boxes and advice. Another series that has been extremely popular and given girl squad goals is “Four More Shots Please” (S1 & S2). A story of four women in Mumbai who are carefree, wild, and unapologetically flawed and who stick by each other in all situations – hookups, breakups, one-night stands, or even boyfriend blues! There are myriad such series and movies on girl squads on all digital platforms. 

*Do mention your favourite reel/celluloid character or a girl gang in the comments section*

In real life, too, I have been extremely fortunate to find a powerful girl gang wherever I went. No matter how many cities I changed, wherever I traveled, or jobs I switched, all my girlfriends have been a cocktail of sexy, sassy, sophisticated, bold, classy, and wild. I can still text or message them at any time of the day/night. 

10 Perks of Having a Girl Squad

1. Tell you why you should and could go wrong and how you can pick yourself up after you go down.
A crazy gang can only do this; they will stick by your side and push you to do things you haven’t done.

2. Pull you up when you are at your lowest and tell you that you are the best!
Be it a breakup, a bad day at work, or anything that has ruined your day, girlfriends are sure to give you a hug, take you for a drink, and perhaps even challenge you to do things you have never done!

3. Fight for you when you are losing and root for you when you are winning. 
They will be the first to throw a sucker punch at anyone messing around with you. They help you size up your enemies and make sure that you win every battle! 

4. Acknowledge and validate your feelings and emotions, and reinforce positivity. 
Your girl squad will be the first to gate crash your house, bring a tissue box, and lend you their unconditional listening. They will be the only ones to understand and empathize with you. It could even be an impromptu party at your place to celebrate a workplace promotion or the success of your project. They will do anything to boost you up!

5. You are the best critic if you choose the wrong path as well. 
If they find you embarking on a wrong route, they will be the first to drag you off the track and lash at you. In the whole wide world, they will be the ones to still stick by you and your choices. They might look like they will leave you (seeing their reactions) but believe me, they won’t!

6. They can be your best travel buddies. 
Whether you are single or married, you can take a trip with them to any part of the world together. Hang out, chill, and relax. They will have the best travel tips for you as well.

7. You can be yourself – your true, raw, unfiltered self. 
You can be your wildest and craziest with them. Not to worry about how they will view you. Perks of a girl gang: have an impromptu dress-up session, click selfies and do a ramp walk! Try out the craziest foods and recipes with them. 

8. Non-judgemental, unconditional love – You can be YOU with them! 
Only ones to form a circle and include you in every part of their life. The bonding is priceless.

9. Best emotional wellness boosters 
You don’t need a therapist if you have a strong girl squad! They make up for all the experts, and life coaches in the world – always full of the right advice – age no bar!

10. Age no bar 
They are your soulmates and ones with whom you can grow old. You can make all your “forever” plans and bucket lists with them and they will make sure you do it all!! Nothing will ever be missed out. 

Girls have changed the history and trends of countries. If they come together, you can be double sure they will make a wave wherever they go. Most campaigns worldwide, including the famous #MeToo campaign, prove that girl squads are powerful. Be it workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or abuse, girls stick by their tribe! They have the power to influence the society around them. They are pure rule breakers and can shake the world. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform, you can see how trollers can get reverse-trolled by girl gangs and made to shut up! No injustice is tolerated. None can mess with them!

So, girls, what are you waiting for? Find your tribe (if you still haven’t). Get your gang, plan a trip, a lunch date or a cuppa and explore the world. Don’t ever let go of each other ‘coz “Why should you not have fun!”

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