Professions By Zodiac

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” — Charles Bukowski. Remember when as kids, we were asked this question repeatedly – What will you become when you grow up? Of course, we all had different answers, vivid dreams, and aspirations about what we would like to evolve as we grow up!

Then Adulthood happened! We woke up to reality – the reality of working or running a business for survival rather than pursuing our dream. Adulthood is complex. You got to work to pursue your dream, and you cannot at times follow your dream because you got to work!

For those who are actually into their dream profession – A BIG Congratulations!!! For the lesser fortunate mortals like me who feel like Elsa singing into the unknown, “I am not where I am meant to be.” – We take fleeting respites in dreaming about the profession we would choose had we not been where we are! 

And to tell you a secret, what you would rather be, is dictated far and wide by your Zodiac! Don’t believe me? Read on to find out! These are professions your Zodiac naturally inclines toward. 


They are Born-leaders and therefore do well with ‘authority’ professions. Leading comes naturally to them, and they usually prefer to be their boss. They are assertive, strong-willed, and competitive. Because of their eternal optimism, they start many projects and get into many fortes but quickly lose track and leave them halfway. Explain why they are good bosses, as they take the initiative to begin projects and later expect their teams to carry forward.

Symbolised by the ‘RAM,’ they are also stalwarts and fighters of the Zodiac. And for this reason, they usually gravitate to occupations dealing with competition, physical stamina, or combat sports viz athletics, boxing, etc.

Preferred career choices: 
Boss, Managers, Athlete, Firefighter, Stunt-Performer, Business Owner, Political Figure, Professional Gamer


Symbolised by the ‘Bull,’ Taurus seeks stability in everything they do. They have no qualms following a routine and make good, punctual employees. Grounded and practical, they can stick with an organization for a long time and grow to the top hierarchy. Dependable, determined, honest, and hardworking, they are also great with money and finances. Taurus, secretly, also likes food and beauty. So, they can make great chefs too.

Their love for motherland, and land in general, makes Farming their top choice as it caters to land-love, food-love, and nature-love (beauty) too!

Preferred career choices: 
Farmer, Landscaper, Designers, Bankers, Financial Advisors, Chefs, Food critics, Artists.


They are people’s people. They like people around them and have impeccable interpersonal skills, which makes them good public speakers too. Moreover, they love the fast-paced life, just like the wind breeze. So anything that can stimulate their minds/environment that offers them lots of people interaction, variety, and the opportunity to do many different things, and play different roles simultaneously, can make it their career choice, like Project Management. Moreover, they are always mentally active and love to process many other aspects of a topic so they can do excellently as Project Managers!

Communication and people skills make them apt for careers like Teaching, Public relations, Public speaking, etc.

Preferred career choices: 
Public Relations, Public Speakers, Motivational Speakers, Teachers, Communication Consultants, Storytellers, Journalists, Publicity Consultants, and Project Managers. 


They are the Zodiac’s ‘Celebrity.’ They love attention, exposure and fame. Notable entertainers in performing arts, acting, singing, dancing, drama, and much more. They also make some of the greatest Orators. Since being the center of attention also calls for excellent presentation skills, they are among the best-dressed people. Always a cut above the rest. The reason why they are also inclined to fashion designing/ consulting. 

They also love taking the lead and therefore make some of the best leaders in their fields. Teaching and Politics come naturally to them.

Preferred Career Choices: 
Fashion Designer, Actor, Singers, Artists, Stage performers, Public Speakers, Teachers, Politicians, Managers, and Business leaders. 


They are full of a mother’s love for everyone around them. They are compassionate, empathetic, and considerate and the most well-behaved people around. Always having an eye for detail, they seek perfection in everything they do. Sometimes err on the side of being over-critical. 

Virgos are good at following instructions and have a knack for good customer service, making them ideal for the Hospitality industry. They also do exceptionally well in Service and Care functions like Customer services, Handling the Front Desk, and working as Therapists.

Having an eye for detail and being a perfectionist makes them ideal for jobs requiring mass amounts of research or statistics — e.g., Data analysts, Detectives, etc. They also have a secret talent – Dancing. Most Virgos can dance incredibly well. It’s almost a pre-installed program they are born with!

Preferred Career Choices: 
Data Analysis, Researchers, Statistician, Editors, Detectives, Palliative and Geriatric caregivers, Running NGOs for lesser fortunate, Dancers, Dance directors, and Choreographers.


Cancerians are the most traditional and nurturing sign of the Zodiac. They carry motherly instincts for all living creatures. They have an innate sense of love and responsibility towards their creator. They make great ‘Mothers’ themselves and admire their mothers too much to desert them ever. No wonder they gravitate towards protecting their motherland and choose Defence or Farming as their career choices.

Due to their motherly instincts, they are great caretakers and agony aunts, too —so any job that requires Counseling and problem solving to make everyone happy is an excellent choice for them. They make great social workers and change catalysts too. They love their food and have excellent culinary skills – talk, travel, and food that’s their forte.

Preferred Career Choices: 
Chefs, Travel and Food shows, Dieticians, Veterinaries, Social workers, Nursing, Caregivers, Motivational speakers, Human resources, Counsellors, teachers, Midwives, and Gynaecologists. 


They are incredibly meticulous, intelligent, and competitive people. They are the masters of disguise and discretion. Rule breakers of the first order, no wonder they make great spies and clever detectives. They love all things with the ‘secret’ tag. They understand mental games like no other and, therefore, can be amid intelligence organizations, top-level secret associations, or handling confidential papers. Curious and cunning, they pursue a case until they’ve found an answer.

Extremely passionate about whatever they do, they also work well in crisis management careers. In addition, they are highly competitive and follow their dream relentlessly, making them ideal CEOs and athletes. For some working at the FBI or such detective agencies as a secret agent is a dream job for them!
Preferred Career Choices: 
Interpol, Detectives, Spy, Performers, Actors, Scientists, Researchers, Business Analysts, Investigators, Engineers, Judge, Lawmakers, Government Officials. 


Libra is a sign of ‘Balance.’ They like to see balance in every aspect of life. Therefore, professions of law and judiciary come naturally to them. They are also great at social skills and are adept at bringing people together, which makes them amazing arbitrators, mediators, and negotiators.

They can easily see through people’s motives and are good at reading people and understanding their motivations, which makes Sales a natural choice. Incredibly charming and friendly, they can sweet-talk you into any deal. And for the same reason, Customer Service, Hospitality, and Diplomacy are natural fits too. They also have a knack for languages, so literature and translation careers come easy. Nursing love for the land; some Liberians are farmers too – remember ‘balance?’ – this is balance in nature for them.

Preferred Career choices: 
Diplomats, Crime/Hostage Negotiators, Judges, Lawyers, Brokers, Legal consultants, Salespersons, Language translators, Travel and hospitality industry, Realtors. 


They are the ‘Professionals’ of the Zodiac. Their professional identity means everything to them. Extremely hardworking and serious about their work, they have a no-nonsense approach to everything they set their mind to. They are notorious workaholics, which does not mean they do not enjoy life. ‘Work Hard And Party Harder’ is their mantra for life.

Capricorns are serious, pragmatic, and organized and use their hard work, ambition, and commitment to reach the top. Managing and Administration jobs are their natural choices. Scaling corporate hierarchies is their motto. And they thrive in high-pressure environments. But, being the ‘Mountain goat,’ they can also choose mountaineering or trekking as their profession. Whatever they choose, they put in their best and work hard till they achieve their goals.

Preferred Career Choices: 
Manager, Directors, CEO, Top Corporate jobs, Government Officials, Computer programmers, Athletes, Trekkers, Mountaineers  


They have unusual working methods and take pride as the Rule-benders. They are clever, hardworking, and always take an out-of-the-box approach to every problem. Many perceive the aquarian as a disobedient, aggressive, belligerent Antagonist because they are unconventional! Trust me; they are NOT! They are not trying to defy anyone, just attempting to show the world an unconventional way of doing mundane things. 

Due to their non-conforming attitude, they mostly gravitate towards careers of science, discoveries, research, Technology, and entrepreneurship. However, design and product development are their areas of interest – different ways of doing things. Being able to see things from a different angle also makes ‘Photography’ a quite literal choice. Their curiosity and free-spiritedness make them avid traveler’s too. Meeting new people and working on their own schedule appeals to them, making freelancing an appealing option of occupation. 

Preferred Career Choices: 
Photographers, Graphic Designers, Project Management, Entrepreneur, Freelancer or Independent Contractors, Scientists, Researchers, Inventors, and Product Designers.


They are flamboyant and fun-loving. Extroverts and party-hoppers of the first order. People skills come naturally to them, and they have a knack for conversing well with others and making them suitable Public Speakers. Fun and public speaking sometimes culminate into being great Comedians too!

Motivating others and inspiring morale are their USPs, which is why they do well in Managerial and Team Leading roles. They also love to travel and yearn for a nomadic life which makes them good traveler’s and makes Tourism their favourite profession. Since they love inspiring others, they also make good teachers, youth leaders, and motivational speakers.

Preferred career Choices: 
Stand-up Comedians, Motivational Speakers, Teachers, Managers, Guides, Mentors, Public Relations, Travel Consultants, Travellers, and Tour Guides.  


They have parental tendencies. If you have a Piscean around, they will look after you like a parent looks after a child. Be it your safety, well-being, food, clothing, or shelter. They are designed for parenting you! So, they naturally gravitate towards nursing or caregiving vocations. They are intuitive and understand the emotional side of a person a little too well, which is why they make great sounding boards and agony aunts.

Careers that cater to your sensitive, healing side is what appeal to them. So, alternative healing like reiki, sound healing, and chakra healing is their go-to occupation. Piscean’s are intelligent and compassionate, making them great in areas that require healing and rejuvenation, like arts, medicine, and alternative healing. Piscean’s domain is anything to do with healthcare and caregiving – where you can restore ‘life’ in the other person. They are sea creatures and also like everything marine.

Preferred Career Choice: 
Nurse, Doctor, Therapist, psychologist, Counsellors, Tarot card readers, Reiki healers, Philanthropist, Social Activist, Social worker, Deep-sea divers, Marine biologist, Merchant navy.

While following your career, your heart is your best guide. But you could take a little help from the stars too. What say?

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