Feed Mind Right

What we consume has a lot to do with how our wellness goes. What we feed ourselves talks magnitudes about how we treat our bodies. Correspondingly, what we feed our brain is as crucial if not more! As a famous quote by Eckhart Tolle goes, ‘all problems are illusions of the mind.’

From listening to the right things to seeing what is good for our mind, from what our deepest thoughts are to what our actions show, from what we read, watch and share: everything has a direct impact on our physical as well as mental and psychological well-being. Downright direct consequence.

In a time where we can easily get swayed by the air of fast-paced technology and evolving social lives, it is so essential to take in what is good for ourselves and let go of what is not necessary – like hatred, frustration, anxiety, fear, negative literature, unhealthy thoughts, and lifestyle… This allows us to stay sane and content in life, ushering in happiness, positivity, and good health.

To begin with, as simple as I can put it across, we may start reading books and texts that unburden us and impart learning and understanding to us. Maybe we should watch films that add value and give us a zest to live. We could listen to wise folks express their life’s amazing lessons and experiences. Maybe breakdown on how we can preserve our future by instilling goodness, sharing ideas, and fresh thoughts, helping one another, smiling, and being grateful for the smallest of things… this way we can construct a difference in our life as well as others around us.

Be a reflection – show the world that good people exist. The world and this generation need healing.

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