A perfect home-ly recipe! If you are an atheist or a non-religious person, there are lesser chances that you may not accept Vaastu or its effects. But from homeowners to those in the real estate or construction enterprises, architects to builders will vouch for this science. Vaastu Shastra is a science of space or building. It advises on space optimisation using the elements focused on earth, fire, air, water, and ether.

This is one of the many stories I have heard. I thought of sharing this with you. A factory on the outskirts of a metro used to be riddled with fights, conflicts, and constant tensions between the management and factory employees. The CEO was struggling to keep the factory up and running – strategizing on expansion as well. He was fed up thinking of ways to appease the labourers and management as well. Finally, he decided to consult an architect outside the company who said that he would visit the site for inspection. As soon as the architect came and started studying the place, he found many construction mismatches and glitches in the structure. The architect who was aware of the management-employee conflicts and tension in the current arrangement found a lot of ill harmony in the atmosphere there. So, using Vaastu, he re-designed and made a new blueprint for the existing site. He suggested the location of the units of the factory be changed and also the office be re-designed. Right after this, the CEO announced to the labour union about his expansion plans and re-building of the factory units, motivating workers to put their best, also mentioning the benefits of the changes. After some resistance and reluctance, the union agreed and the CEO gave a green signal for the re-designing and structural changes. The factory systems started changing, shift timings changed and employee-management relationships began improving too. A lot of things began aligning themselves once the physical changes in the structure began. Once the new establishment came up, the company’s turnover started increasing. The growth trajectory showed positive highs. The above is one of the many instances where Vaastu helped create positive changes in a workplace just by simply re-aligning the elements. 

In a home too, as per Vaastu it is vital to place every object in the house in a certain direction that will enable harmony with all the elements. It makes a huge difference when things are placed in the proper directions. Most homeowners or potential home builders will take the help of an architect with sound knowledge of Vaastu to design a home. Or some may consult a vastu pandit.

So, what is Vaastu?

For the unversed, it is a science used to construct buildings and spaces using scientific techniques. It follows rules, formulas, and patterns for the construction of a house. In other words, Vaastu helps usher harmony and positive cosmic energies into families using calculations of the rainfall, sunrise, and sunset in the area, which will impact the construction of a house. According to Vaastu Shastra (science) and ancient Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharata, the first architect was Vishwakarma who conceptualised Vaastu scientifically to construct the Wax palace for the Devas/Gods. Archaeologists still marvel at the science behind building such strong temples that have survived the worst storms and floods to date. Structures have remained intact without tilting even slightly during the highest-level earthquakes and Tsunamis. No matter how much cynics shove away “myths” behind Vaastu, the vaastav (or reality) is that we have living proof of the positivity and abundance this unique science has brought to our lives. If not for capable architects, most structures would have collapsed by now.

Vaastu is a beautiful harmony of the various elements of nature which constitute any structure. For instance, the Akash/Sky represents the West and symbolizes “expansions and enhancements”. Wind/Vayu represents the East and the Northeast and symbolizes happiness. Fire/Agni represents the South, symbolising power and fame. Jal/Water represents the North, symbolising spirituality and healing. The final element is Earth, which represents the Centre, symbolising stability, peace, and harmony.

It is alright to not believe in this science but those who do believe will vouch for a lot of positive changes that transformed their life.

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