I Am Rare

I am rare, 
I am unique.
I am tough,  
I am hard to believe.

I am strong, 
I am fragile.
I am filled, 
I am thriving.

I am forced, 
I am brave.

I am known, 
I am strange.
I am near, 
I am far.

I am the sun, 
I am dark.
I am the flower; 
I am the stone.

I am the queen; 
I am the throne.
 Yes, I am the hope, 
to fight all over again.
Naveeta wrote this poem with two goals in mind: one, to emphasise the strength of those who suffer from rare diseases such as haemophilia, Sickle Cell Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, and so on, and two, to demonstrate how unique they are despite having these conditions.
The second goal is to demonstrate women's strength, their will power and their grid.
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