A Weekend Getaway

Tucked away just four and a half-hour drive from my home town, Aluva, and just about 150kms from Cochin International Airport lies the most enchanting protected jungle. On arrival, one feels like being transported to another planet. Calm, green, tranquil, and mesmerising she is.

Thekkady, home to the wild animals, especially tigers, is an ideal weekend getaway that helps one cut off from the day-to-day cacophony and unwind in nature’s lap, soothed by jungle symphony. Located in Idukki, the mountain region is truly a sight to behold. Flowing through the verdant greenery of Chola forest(evergreen forest) that covers several large and small waterfalls, a double delight for nature lovers. The month of June is the start of the monsoon. The rain, bring in the raw power of nature. It leaves one spellbound.

We reached around 2 pm to inhale fresh air and idle by the river Periyar, gazing at the hills wrapped in greenery. Camping at Aranya Nivas was the best we did over the weekend. We found their rates affordable which included a decent vegetarian breakfast. The service was satisfactory, and the establishment has a swimming pool, tennis court, playground, other facilities, and amenities as well. There exist other stay options around the area if one wishes to look for it.

Our evening sightseeing was not up to our expectations. Said hi to those macaques here and there staring at us. We expected some jumbo on the way, satisfied with Deer, wild bears, and spotted wild squirrels. We comprehended that wild creatures stood in the woods during the monsoon as there were plenty of water bodies. So spotting them would be mere luck.

After the buffet dinner, we decided to enjoy the woods in the darkness with a fresh night walk. The rain didn’t allow it, so we watched from the balcony. By hearing the rain, observing it, the deep-rooted connection with the rain to the mind, it’s not just happy, romantic, deluge and loss. The way the wind moves, the way the raindrops hits the forest, everything felt different in the woods.

Boating started at 7 am, arranged by our lodging. While wading through the river, hearing the symphony of the wilderness, and spotting animals were enthusiastic. We spotted creatures like mongooses, wild boars, pigs, and wild livestock. Though not up to our expectations.

Moreover, rain accompanied our return journey. Rain always comes with mixed sentiments. For me, it is an intense feeling. It influences my imagination. I can go on and on about rain. In short the weekend stay was undoubtedly rejuvenating.

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