5 To Do To A Healthier Life

I am sure you have read, re-read, mastered, learned, and unlearnt hundreds of ways to stay healthy, fit, and of sound mind. I have done that too! Today, I will help bring a few elements together to help you create an easy list to start with, no matter what level of discipline you have! Simple this checklist may sound. However, none of us give enough emphasis on these five simple points and that’s a concern.

Here are my Five To Do’s and how they could help us?

1. Drink more fluids 

First, when it comes to your body, we have been taught that our body is made up of roughly 65% of water. Keeping yourself hydrated and well-watered is highly essential for multiple reasons. It helps keep your blood thin enough to flow easily to the heartland around your body. This means less stress on your heart. It naturally cools you. Combats dehydration from sweating. Helps flush out toxins when you use the bathroom. Now, most of that is water! What about fresh juices then? This helps deliver much-needed elements like minerals, natural sugars, and trace minerals. And more importantly flavour and colour to your beverage or refreshment!

2. Exercise fairly

Second, Exercise is a word that can send shudders down the spines of some of us because we don’t want to go to the gym. However, not all exercise needs a gym. That s why I used the term exercise fairly. Learn what your body needs in terms of exercise. Workouts can be fun if you decide you want to have fun with them! It can be a walk in the park, a slow jog around your neighbourhood, a swim, or maybe go cycling. Whatever you choose to do ensure it brings you movement and joy. This will ensure you do it as often as needed.

3. Sleep sufficiently

Third, Sleep for some of us is second nature. Lay your head on the pillow and “POOF” off to Lala land you go. Not for everyone, unfortunately. Some of us need tea, lights, music, pills, or a soft knock to the head with a hammer (I am kidding with the last one) but I am sure along with your smile or chuckle even you know the challenges either personally or have a loved one struggling with this. Clean sleep habits are found in plenty online these days. So here are a few that may help. These are aside from your eating or drinking system before you sleep.

Have the room relatively cooler than the rest of the house, if you use a fan, air cooler or air conditioner ensure this is not so cold that you feel like you are in the North Pole. Cozy enough to help you nod off with ease.

Ensure the room is dark enough for your eyes to not be disturbed. Slight bright light causes your eyes to open and can hamper sleep. Night lights or dim lights can be used if you have the habit of leaving them on.

Once you lie down to sleep, ease your breathing to allow your body to relax and slowly drift off into a restful state. Try to sleep for at least 4 sleep cycles. One sleep cycle is about 90 minutes long which means the minimum suggested sleep one needs is about 6 hrs. The maximum suggested sleep is 6 sleep cycles or 9 hours. Note this is just a suggestion. Some people can live on less sleep and some need much more depending on the situation.

4. Eat well

Fourth Eat well, this is not the section that supports different types of eaters. It instead is to help you figure out what portions to eat and what to slow down on or cut out if needed. A large breakfast is always key to having a great day. Unfortunately, many of us will snack on a slice of toast, a power bar, or a glass of milk and expect our bodies to generate enough energy after roughly 6-9 hrs of sleep!

Lunch is supposed to be a medium-sized meal. Some of us cannot control the need to stuff ourselves here and then sleep through meetings with a slight snore!

Dinner is supposed to be the lightest meal for our bodies to rest and recharge for the next day. Here again, we tend to feast and directly head to bed. And wake up a few years later after a daily routine like this and wonder why we have become fat!

The reason is simple. Our bodies go into a panic mode and store all excess food as fat to beat the poor breakfast habit we have.

To try and get this right remember Breakfast like a king/queen, lunch like a prince/ princess, and dinner like a pauper. Another version of this is to eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to your enemy. Whatever your preference, the conclusion drawn is the same breakfast is simply the most important meal of the day!

5. Ease your mind

Fifth, Ease your mind. Stress and anxiety are nothing new. However, they are causing people to have breakdowns. Most lifestyle illnesses sprout from our poor mental health. Negativity, constant work pressure, family challenges, things not going right. The list is endless. One needs to learn how to avoid these kinds of thoughts and there are many ways to do so.

Here, the only point we will cover is that you need to learn what your stress or anxiety thought triggers are and work them out. Learn to do breathing exercises or meditation whichever works for you. You may be able to handle this on your own or may need professional help. Either way, ensure you learn how to cope with it.

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body!

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