Ivaans Mumma

I love who I am today. It is surreal, the whole experience. This whole motherhood chapter. As if something has drastically changed – priorities, pass-time, likes, preferences, lifestyle, habits, myself!

I gave birth to a prince. I gave birth to Ivaan, whose name my partner and I chose for him during one of our very happy evening walks.

The experience of child labour was nothing short of a natural miracle. One can only imagine how it would be. It started like regular abdominal cramps and went unbelievably unbearable. However, all the traumatic minutes I spent in the labour ward were all worth it the moment I saw his little face. Too scared and overwhelmed, I remember touching his forehead with my index finger when he was brought to me first.

I am enjoying every bit of this journey. Looking forward to many more beautiful moments that I will be able to capture in my heart and mind forever!

I never expected myself to become who I am today. From a girl who knew nothing about handling children to a woman dreaming dreams for her younger one, I have matured.

I am going to relish this journey the most because these precious moments are not constant. Time flies, days pass by, children grow up, we live our lives and things don’t remain the same forever. Before I can even imagine, my little boy will become not so little anymore. He will one day not fit into my arms, he will one day grow up and drink his milk on his own, one day he will wave at me and go on trips, one day he will not be next to me, touching me or sleeping on me. As much as I am happy for him to grow up and be the man he’s destined to be, I am also trying to live this life when he’s so innocently little, relishing and enjoying his little milestones.

My little man Ivaan has completed me as a woman. I am happy to be his Mumma. I am happy to live life to fit his needs and desires into mine. I am excited to dream big for and with my boy. I am ready to be the mom I am purposed to be.

I love who I am today – Ivaan’s Mumma, partner, buddy, well-wisher, mentor, teacher, and above all, his best friend!

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