Solitude whispers, 
Where's the cloud that nestles my dreams? 
Scared of people distancing 
Unable to find a support system, 
All are romancing their lives, 
Sometimes a demon, rarely a friend. 

Not fairly skinned, not an apple of the eye, 
To the passers-by 
Unworthy, fatty, shamed and cult, 
A sea of dreamers lost to the grind. 
Beware of the night, 
Night divides the sky, 
Currents are against making a difference. 

Checking out grooms always, 
Coffee with accompaniments, 
Strangers met and parted ways. 
Left a hurting heart, feel remorseful, 
Stay away from conventions? 

Preferring to dwell in solitude?
Cross the path, break all boundaries, 
Smiling through the tears, 
Not one's is willing to love the unlovely. 
Negative thoughts multiply rapidly
Is it necessary to find one? 

Who'll treat you like a slave? 
Easy to count seeds in an apple 
Absurd to count apples in a seed. 
To find a hurt and heal it 
To find the need and fill it. 

From today's lens or yesteryear's 
Bias is there, hard to speak it out, 
Judged with colour and looks, 
Fair is always lovely. 

Just want the company of a wonderful relationship? 
No fat shaming, skin colour? 
There are a lot of late bloomers 
Forget the past arena of bad news 
Choose to react positively, 
Turn the scars to stars. 

Add joy to the solitude 
Being our own best friend 
By looking after ourselves, 
And receive the abundance of joy....
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