Happy Mothers Day

I've wished
All my life to the 
One woman who has been 
Everything to me. 

Today I realise from now on,
All my life I shall be wished
A Happy Mother's Day,
From my son who is everything to me.

Life has such mysterious and 
Profusely beautiful events
Lined up that I am 
Grateful and honoured to 
Experience and witness the vastness
Of nature and God alike. 

Encountering some of nature's
Most powerful existential miracles
Bearing a child, growing it 
Inside the womb, it's purpose met,
Undergoing the dreaded child labour;
Coming through like a queen,
Breastfeeding an infant; unimaginable,
Unfathomable, surreal of 
Most experiences of my life.

Raising a child, listening to him,
Watching him move, watching him try
To learn basics
 Rolling, crawling, sitting, feeding, and what not! 

After all that I went through,
Nothing compared to what I felt;
Laughter and tears together
A feeling I've never felt - 
That moment when they brought him close,
Nothing compared to what I felt! 

Minutes went past like hours, 
Slow - motion like in the movies,
Life's changed, many meanings too;
Life's changed, many relationships too. 

I will never fail to feel 
That pride, joy, love and warmth
Next time I wish my mother
A Happy Mother's Day!

All my life I've wished
A Happy Mother's Day!
Now all my life I shall be wished,
A Happy Mother's Day!
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