Scars are Beautiful

Scars…they are beautiful. They mark us for who we are and then define us who we are. They show us what we have come through and definitely help us recall what battles we have prevailed. They remind us we are stronger and robust than anything that has tried to hold us down.

Scars are good. They are part of our precious history. They speak of our experiences and share to this world what brave lives we’ve lived. They speak of hours which are dormant within our lives; times that perhaps not many would know of. Scars bring about courage – courage to face unfair realities. They bring power to withstand obstacles and hustle through hurdles like a champ.

Scars are important. They show us how committed, consistent and reliable we have become. They pave the way to a new and brighter understanding of how far we have come and how much strength it has taken.

Scars are reminders of how life was, is and is to be lived. They fade with time. Oh yes, however they never disappear. They are engraved in us for a reason. They are there for a purpose. They speak truths and explain efforts taken. They come, impact and remain; for they are what they are – TEACHERS who teach us life.

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