Heal Wholly

Isn’t life equally about sunshine and twilight? Isn’t life about glee and gloom together? Why is it so difficult to trespass the feeling of hurt and sorrow, the heartache? Maybe we all need a moment of understanding.

We are a generation who have experienced yet not experienced life to the fullest. So here it is, the days that seem not so great are to perhaps rejoice and to learn from.

One of the biggest life lessons is to learn to heal. Heal from scars that may or may not have been the outcome of our actions. Yet, many do not understand how to heal wholly.

The first step is to accept. Accept that everything happens for a reason and we do not always have to understand. Things may not seem to fall in place at the moment but hey, Pause. Breathe. Smile. Maybe count to ten. There’s always tomorrow and there’s always a way.

Uncertainties are just as part of us humans as feeling hungry! If we’re uncertain or worried about something, talking to ourselves can be where we start. Feeling comfortable in talking and understanding ourselves is one step towards better mental health.

Unfortunately, we have created a vaccum within ourselves, trying to pretend that we’re fine, smile throughout the day, talk nicely to others, be the social media bomb, and influence others around us to see just the “good part”. And it’s normal. It’s what we’ve been doing for so long. But the question is, why? Why is it so difficult for us to let people (at least the ones we claim to be dear) know that something is not alright? Think about it!

The second step towards being a better version of ourselves is to open up. Having one person to whom we can open up and share what we feel is a great way to heal emotionally and mentally. Letting out what is bothering us will help us ease the situation inside our heads.

The third step is to smile. Yes, as simple as a smile! Smiling and knowing it’s just a phase and things are going to be fine is so comforting. May not be the easiest of solutions, but it does work. Looking into the mirror, and witnessing the greatest creation of God, it is next to impossible to not value our inner and outer selves. If we are not able to do so, we must practice the art! It’s huge, it’s life-changing.

Be grateful. Yes, for what we have and have not, let’s begin by being grateful. That’s the next step to becoming wholly us. It’s not always easy to let go of what our heart desires. However, it’s not all we are. We are way above our desires and wants. We create them inside our heads and look for them, not understanding that searching desperately only makes it difficult to obtain. Therefore, one at a time. Something’s not happening, it’s alright! The universe has its own time. Things are going to be just fine.

So hug life, smile, rejoice each day, feel and believe, hope and inspire, create and experience… Life is too short to not give ourselves a second chance, even if it does not make sense to anyone else. Make hay when the sun shines but don’t lose hope when it’s not as sunny as you want it to be!

Heal. From within. So we can live. Wholly...

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