Its Time for a Summer Makeover

I simply love how Ralph Waldo Emerson describes summer: “Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air”. Adding to his most romantic definitions of this hot season, I would add more to this beautiful quote: "Bring on a zing and bling to your wardrobe as well!"

After a particularly dreary and freezing winter and a warm spring, a blazing summer zooms in. But at the same time, the same hot summer ushers in all the vibrant colours and styles in clothes too. Planet Earth is blessed in terms of beautiful seasons and their rich colours. Each season sports a different mood, clothing, and food. I as an Earthling feel super blessed in terms of variety. Our moods are also affected by the clothes we wear every season. Hence it is important to choose the right colours and textures for every season. 

While summer brings in lots of light (vis a vis winter) it brings in the dreaded heat that drains out all our energies. With the mercury rising, clothes become a sticky affair, and hence the need for softer, thinner textures and shorter lengths too. Since darker colours and thicker fabrics attract more heat, lighter colours with smaller prints are recommended. Floral prints are popular every summer and cotton clothes in pastel shades replace the darker coloured thick woollens in our wardrobes. 

Wait, did you just hear a “Sale, Sale, Sale” or a “Summer Shopping Festival” buzz on your phone? I am sure your SMS and email inboxes or Whatsapp are flooding with offers. Artificial Intelligence is faster in sensing your needs these days than your family or friends. One browser search is enough to activate sales alerts.

Over some time, fashionistas and fabric connoisseurs alike have come up with clothes meant for every season. Markets are the best indicators for every season’s clothing. As every season approaches, you can see a vivid change in the shop displays and street market displays too. 

Summers ain’t different! Observe the shelves changing into hues of pastels, greens, yellow, and orange. You will find everything from sleeveless tops, tank tops, blouses, crop tops to capris, shorts, minis, LBRs, and one-piece dresses. It is one of the best seasons to experiment with colours and designs as well. As they say: “The funkier, the merrier”.

Just walk to your nearest street and shop away! Await the hottest summer deals and get geared to be cool this summer. Here are the top 10 summer wardrobe tips.

It’s time to ditch the wintery blacks, greys, the synthetic and woollens, and the Spring’s warm clothes.
Give a cool, green, summery twist to your wardrobe!

1. Adopt lighter, pastel shades

Summer’s here! Choose light colours that are soothing for the eye and the skin alike. Adding softer shades of blues and greens in your wardrobe will help you bash the summer blues away.

2. Go for Cotton, Linens 

Always go for fabrics that help you breathe in the heat. Thin flannel, cotton or linen, or any material that helps air flow easily in your body.

3. Oh yeah! Tank tops

Men and women alike can opt for this cool option in this sweltering heat. Your best body partner for the season. Vests in the wardrobe keep the heat away.

4. Choose Denim shorts/skirts

Flaunt your legs in style this season with the trendiest cuts. Pair it with your favourite tank tops, blouses, and crop tops.

5. White shirts...White shirts...White shirts...

These will never run out of trend/fashion. White is chic and sexy! Pair your shirt with cool denim/capris. Fashionista tip for girls: tie the ends of the shirt in a knot and rev it above your belly. 

6. The Quirky Print route

Myriad prints colouring the markets in vibrant hues – floral, animal, tribal art, and even the quirky! You could even design your shirts and kurtas. Search for DIYs to create your combinations.

7. Cold shoulders are back!

This trend hasn’t gone off the markets for years. It surfaces every summer with new cuts and floral prints. Get yourself one if you don’t have one already! Pair it with shorts/capris/jeans.

8. Go Asymmetrical

Trending these days, available in breezy and flowy materials with beautiful prints, there is an amazing collection of these online and offline! Just take your pick from a gorgeous colour palette.

9. Flowy's In!

Frocks in smooth, soft fabrics that run off your body like butter are a must-have for your wardrobe. These are chic, trendy too. 

10. Strappy sandals & Hoop earrings

And finally, get your sun hat on, wear your loopy, hoop earrings, treat your feet with a pair of strappy sandals and enjoy a lovely evening stroll. This is a must-have in your summer wardrobe!

Stay cool and happy this summer wherever you live – the grasslands, plains, mountains, or a valley! Make sure you enjoy the season with your favourite food and drinks. Let your hair down and add a little fashion bling to your clothes. Signing off with these beautiful lines on summer by Benjamin Alire Sáenz 

It was a song.
It was a season.
I wondered if that season would ever live inside of me”

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