See Me Through

See me through my misery
The misery I believe I live in
The reasons and excuses I give
Myself for not breaking loose.

For I am sure I'd lose my shite
If I get out there by myself
Or is it just in my head?

I write and preach about women
Having to be independent and bold
When all I can do for myself is just
Hold on to what makes me hate men more.

Why is there a difference at all
When all he can do is not all you can!
When the idea is to not,
Why do I constantly have to hear it?

The drama of being a woman
In a society that doesn't know
The spelling of it. When,
All it can do is project fake sympathy
And of course, more drama!

Now, see me through what I believe
Is life. Is love. Is what it is to be a woman.
To breathe the air of unending complaints
When I am the one to be whining.

Will, there be no hour when someone
Would just finally understand
What it is like to be kept in the dark
About who you're born to be.

So, my dear sisters and brothers
Let's break the chains of bondage…
Let's see each one of us through
Our chains of misery we've entangled ourselves with.

Let's make it worth the while
Let's make it normal to break loose,
Let's make it alright to break hearts
Then to be broken so hard.

See me through me
The me that has so much to share.
See me through
The whole world matters.
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