Oh Yes Its Monday Again

An air of melancholy forms around the early hours of Monday, making us emotionless, serious, and unable to be. What is going on inside our brains? Why does this keep happening to us? Once hit, there is a mammoth task to rid ourselves of it. To find the exit door to boot out this extreme feeling is a hurdle.

Monday blues are real, and this niche emotion cannot be expressed in just a word. A feeling of hopelessness is what keeps hitting. Some of us are not affected at all, some learn to cope well with it, and some among us can never beat the blues. Frankly, the usual thoughts on Mondays in a person affected by the blues are unspeakable. Most define this feeling as dreadful, painful, depressing, and Oh God! Not again.

There are plenty of reasons why this could happen. One of the many realities that make Mondays hard is due to the fact that we leave all our routines behind on Friday, fall off the wagon on weekends, and try to find the pieces we left behind again on Monday, making it impossible for #MondayMojo to happen. Another possibility, several research states, is if these thoughts occur habitually on Mondays, it is clear that one may not be happy at work or with the work at hand, and it’s time to find the solution. Period.

There are ways to cope with these emotions. Listing a few ways to cope with Monday Blues.

1. Identify the Problem

There is a problem and there is no denying it. We should identify what’s the reason for our anxiety. Once the issue is clear, one can deal with it and find a solution. Identify the origin of the worry.

  1. What am I worried about?
  2. What is stressing me out?
  3. What am I feeling? Is it anger, anxiety, grief, hate, sadness, rage, nervousness, doubt?
  4. Why am I feeling this?
  5. Do I feel I am contributing in my week?
  6. Di i feel connected with work?
  7. What can I do now to get pass these feelings? 
  8. Maybe I should talk to someone to clear my mind? A friend, a colleague, or professional help.

2. Follow Routine

Our happiness and productivity depend on our routines. Not only does routine give a sense of control over our lives but also it gives meaning to our life. When we give ourselves a break on the weekends, don’t break our daily routine. If we wake up daily at 5.00 AM, do the same on weekends. Keep Monday’s schedule to a minimum with more time to yourself, this allows one to finish what’s pending from last week and give enough time to sort through all matters one has to complete. 

  1. Avoid over scheduling on Mondays.
  2. Complete the assigned work from last week on Monday
  3. Prioritise tasks by urgency and importance.
  4. Make time to plan the rest of the week on Mondays.

    Ways to Get Started10 productive ways to get started and be focused & make your day easier and more manageable. 

3. Disconnect 

Unplug from work devices at-least for few hours a day on weekends. If you run a business or if you work, make sure you find a few hours to unplug on weekends and have some quality time to yourself. Treat Sunday as a day of rest, try to hit the bed early on Sundays, and wake up early to feel well-rested. If you are working on weekends, make sure you get yourself time off on the weekdays.

  1. Disconnect from devices for at least half a day on weekends. 
  2. Disconnect from work or work-related matters on weekends. (If possible.)
  3. Take time to develop yourself.
  4. Read about questions you have.
  5. Work on your fitness.
  6. Connect with family and friends on weekends.

4. Smile

Remember, Mondayitis hit not just you. A grumpy face keeps people at bay and a happy face inspires others. Smiles are contagious. It’s positive, refreshing, and drives energy that’s flowing from you, and it could motivate others and ensure approachability. Let’s give it a try.

  1. Stop complaining and always remember to keep our grumpiness to ourselves. 
  2. ‘Be like Teflon and don’t let negativity stick on to you, let it roll off you smoothly.’
  3. Dress comfortably, and look the best for yourself. 
  4. Interact with others.
  5. Take small breaks.
  6. Go out for a short walk or enjoy lunch with a friend or co-worker. 

5. Blues throughout the week

If you feel the same throughout the week, tired, moody, irritated, anxious, unmotivated, uncontrollable emotions you may be dealing with something more than an incurious feeling of returning to work after a weekend. If that is the case,

  1. Please reach out to your health professional and ask them to refer you to a therapist or look up local resources available and seek help.
  2. Talk to a friend or a colleague to help you in case you are lost.
  3. Do not stop yourself from seeking help.
    If you or anyone you know needs help and support please reach out to a crisis resources center near your area.

Monday blues should neither be treated as normal nor be brushed aside or laughed off. It is real and we need to learn to pull ourselves out of it by creating no space to feel sorry for ourselves. Always remember, there is nothing as great as Monday because we get new beginnings fifty-two times a year. Every Monday is a new door, a knock, and there is a new opportunity. So, keep hustling, keep going, keep growing, keep moving. And, always remember our Monday morning thoughts set the tone for our whole week. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said, ‘this should be the spirit every Monday. Know that something good will always happen’. 

Happy Monday Everyone. Let’s do this.

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