Road to Freedom

A piece of sky is visible
Window panes are half open
A firefly peeped through the pores 
Sky is clear, clouds are white cotton candy.

Night gives solace
It oils wounded soul
Don'ts are alien to darkness
Sunlight brings restrictions

Thunder, lightening, storms
Even venomous beings are friends
But dragon like sapiens are
Watchful are the eyes without face.

They drew lines
How to laugh, what to wear,
When to step out, to dance, to swim, to love.

You are a child bearing chattel
Cooking, serving, cleaning... permitted
Should earn, no to spent
The firefly began laughing
Is this the life you dreamt?
Who had cutoff your wings?

The sky is up above
Calling you to fly
How? With broken wings?
How? With fear and insecurity?
Standing in the crossroads of violence?

The firefly winks,
All are equal
Birth and death are same
In between why chaos?
Instead of perennial inferno of hatred
Show sagacity

Law alone is not enough
No one is a master or a slave
Nurture compassion, love empathy
Embrace peace and harmony
Until everyone mutates
Freedom is a myth...

Poem by K. Syamala
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10 thoughts on “Road to Freedom

    • Dear Trupti,

      Thank you for the message. We will share with the Syamala Ma’m.
      Please do follow her on Facebook, she has more poems there. (Link at the bottom of the poem.)


    • Thankyou Nik.

      Please do follow Syamala Ma’m on Facebook, she has more poems there. (Link at the bottom of the poem.)


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