The Sudden Empty Nest

Dealing with the Empty Nest
Life after your brood has grown and flown into life.

Empty Nesters India refers to the population of adults who are over 50 and have no dependents living with them. This demographic is increasing in India as the country’s population ages and traditional family structures are declining. Empty Nesters in India often face unique challenges due to needing more support networks and social safety nets. They may need help finding meaningful employment and accessing affordable housing and health care. Additionally, they may experience loneliness and isolation due to the lack of social connections and activities. While this demographic is often overlooked, Empty Nesters in India have a valuable societal role. They have life experience and knowledge to share and often become mentors and role models to younger generations. They can also become active community volunteers, providing valuable services and support. It is essential to recognize this population’s challenges and provide them with the resources and support they need to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Empty nester’s to-do list 

1. Explore New Hobbies
Take up a recent activity like painting, gardening, or writing to fill your newfound free time. 

2. Travel
Take advantage of your newfound freedom to travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit. 

3. Spend Time With Friends
Get together with old friends or make new ones. 

4. Pamper Yourself
Take time to relax and enjoy the little things. Get a massage, take a spa day, or find other ways to care for yourself. 

5. Make Your Home A Sanctuary
Use the time to make your home a place you truly love and feel comfortable in. Then, Declutter, redecorate, and make it your own. 

6. Get Involved In Your Community
Join a local organization or volunteer to stay connected and make a difference. 

7. Take A Class
Enroll in a course to learn something new and challenge yourself. 

8. Get Active
Take up a new sport or activity to stay active and healthy. 

9. Spend Time With Family
Visit family members or even chat with them on the phone or via video call. 

10. Pursue A Passion
Use the time to focus and build a hobby or passion you were unable to when the nest was full or your brood was in the house.

Ode to the Empty Nesters

Empty nest, a place once full of joy,
Now feels so still and empty with no child,
The laughter and noise that filled all the days,
Now have been replaced with moments of pause .
Memories of childhood years that seem so far,
Return to us now as echoes of past days start, 
The empty nest that was once so full.

Is now a reminder of a life that was, 
But what once was is never forgotten, 
The love that was shared will remain unspoken. 
A new chapter, a different kind of life, 
A journey of discovery, joy, and strife, 
An empty nest is a place of endless possibilities, 
A chance to open new doors and explore life's mysteries.

Take heart, empty nesters, in that you can enjoy more time and freedom as your children become more independent. This time can be used to cultivate new hobbies, deepen existing relationships, pursue a career change, or take up a new volunteer role. Embracing a new chapter in life can be an exciting opportunity to explore new passions and find joy in the little moments.


Ignatius Deepak Stanley is an experienced business coach, trainer, educational consultant and full time dad. He has worked with several well known corporates before deciding to take time out and be a full time dad to his 3 year old son. Beside being a consultant, he has written and published books. Deepak enjoys riding and driving, reading, writing and travelling.

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