Strange World

We are living in a very strange world – or so it seems from all the years that have gone by and all the generations that have lived; we are today in a time where things are so different from what they used to be. People, opportunities, priorities, professions, values, morals, ideas, understanding of things, and relevancy have changed. Children are growing up differently from how they used to. Education is evolving. Science is advancing. The human race is witnessing a transition so varied and fast-paced.

It is scary to reckon such vast change in how the world advances with each passing year. From when I was a kid, the world is so different today – it is as if I am suddenly outdated and nearing expiration from this extremely modern world!

This so-called “modern world” is quite a strange word or, instead, a phrase. We are in a time and place where sex is free, but love is expensive. Losing our phones is much more painful than losing our virginity. People have started to live off the internet – earning handsome money through social media doing almost anything random! No one has a genuine connection anymore – maybe millions of virtual admirers, which is not even close to as worthy as one true friend. The importance of quality education is honestly being eradicated, and people are beginning to believe that you do not need education and degrees to make money. Money and sex are the driving forces of life today. Drugs are sold and consumed by more youngsters than before. Selfies and photographs have more relevance and importance than actual people and experiences. Modernity, sadly, is related to nudity and profanity today, may I dare to say! Drinking and smoking are considered dope, and the ones who stay clear are bullied (most often). Boys stay boys and never want to be men, while girls become men to control themselves and the world – so they feel. As they do so, they wonder why they can’t find suitable men! There is immense pressure on everything and everyone today!

Scientists are looking for a new planet to continue life! The world is trying to move the world to someplace else! Men and women compete like rats in a race, and no one knows why! While God sits there silently witnessing all that man is doing to this world, He smiles and says, “What have you made this world to be” …

A strange world indeed we have made it to be – from withering concepts of love, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, creativity, and life at large, the world is heading towards something we are unprepared for! People have started losing that bond with one another, paving the way for AI partners! What a scary world it would be when men and women decide to get married to Artificial Intelligence so that they don’t have to deal with anything human. It has become a scary world where kids are silenced with mobile phones and are not given basic life lessons that we once understood. Imagine this advancing world in another fifty years – the fact that it looks scary and unreal proves that we need to start being more mindful of how we live in this changing world. We are responsible for imparting the good in us to society and teaching our kids the importance of staying HUMAN!

This might be a scary place to live, but it is worth the effort for a future that will remember us for what we did for the – end of the day, little efforts matter! So maybe it’s time to stop complaining and start living – the best way we can and be morally accountable for what we contribute to making this world better for us and our future generations.


Aakanksha Dinah, a passionate writer, orator, communicator focused on establishing a Training institution centered on creativity and innovation. Aakanksha is a true believer in loving the work we do and strongly believes in smart-work, the reason why creativity works better for her. Aakanksha is enormously focused on making a career in professional writing and publishing. She loves writing poems, self-help articles, and essays. An enthusiast when it comes to learning languages and in short, Aakanksha is a wanderer, an explorer, a mom, a dog-mom, a poet, a cook, a writer, and an influencer.

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