Exams How Can Parents Support Kids

Exam time in India can be an incredibly stressful time for children. The pressure to perform well on tests is immense, and with the high stakes of college admissions, the competition for university spots can be daunting. It is common for students to stay up late, cramming for exams or sacrificing sleep to study. It is also common for children to experience anxiety, depression, and stress during exam time as they are constantly worried about their results and future. This immense pressure severely impacts children’s mental health and can lead to physical health issues such as fatigue, headaches, and stomachaches. Parents, teachers, and schools must ensure that children are supported during this time and that the pressure to perform is not placed on them.

How can parents support children during exams?

  1. They can provide a quiet, comfortable studying space and ensure their child has all the necessary materials and resources.
  2. They can encourage and reassure that the child can do their best.
  3. They can help their child develop a study plan and set achievable goals.
  4. They can motivate their child to take regular breaks and eat healthy snacks.
  5. They can emphasize the importance of doing their best rather than focusing on the outcome of high marks.

Parents should not pressure Kids On Grades

  1. Focus on the Process:
    Encourage your child to work hard and learn the concepts instead of focusing on the marks.
  2. Set Realistic Goals:
    Don’t pressure your child to achieve impossible goals.
  3. Encourage Self-Evaluation:
    Let your child assess their performance and provide guidance, rather than just judging the marks.
  4. Praise Achievements:
    Praise your child for any achievements, no matter how small.
  5. Don’t Compare:
    Avoid comparing your child’s performance with someone else’s.
  6. Show Support:
    Provide emotional support instead of putting pressure.
  7. Don’t Place Too Much Emphasis on Marks or Grades:
    Remind your child that marks are not the only measure of success.
  8. Help Create a Positive Study Environment:
    Make sure your child has a quiet, organized place to study.
  9. Encourage Healthy Habits:
    Ensure your child gets enough sleep, eats properly, and exercises.
  10. Make Learning Fun:
    Make learning fun using games and activities.

Making exam time fun for kids can be demanding, but creative ways exist to make it a positive experience. Creating a game is one way to make studying for exams more enjoyable. Create a game board with different topics or questions related to the exam and let the kids move around the board as they answer each question. You can also keep things light by having a reward system for each correct answer. Another way to make exam time more fun is to have a study buddy system. Kids can study together and quiz each other on their learning topics. This can make learning more enjoyable and help kids retain information better. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure your kids get enough rest and stay hydrated during exam time. Eating healthy snacks and taking breaks throughout the day can help reduce stress and make studying more enjoyable.


Augustus Manohar Stanley is now serving his life’s calling as a full-time Educator and works in Karnataka. He loves creating short academic videos and is also a music enthusiast.

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