Cheering Kids Of All Ages

Ever noticed how we bravo and cheer an infant, toddler, or a threenager? As parents, we can and should never stop being our children’s greatest cheerleaders. Why? It is how we build a secure and confident group of next-generation superstars. Trust me, when my folks cheered me on as a child, I felt like Ironman! There was nothing that would not surprise my dad. I learned to turn on a computer; my dad told his friends I was a genius! I worked in a hotel, and my mom told her friends I was a master chef!

Championing your children is one of the most meaningful things a parent can do. It can provide a boost of morale and self-esteem, as well as encourage a lifetime of learning and achievement.

When cheerleading your children, it is crucial to be optimistic and supportive. Create a surrounding of encouragement and provide emotional support. Never criticize or belittle your offspring. Instead, look for ways to acknowledge their successes and highlight their strengths. Praise their efforts and provide positive reinforcement.

It is also essential to set high expectations for your child. Please encourage them to strive for excellence in school and extracurricular activities. Allow them to explore their interests and passions and support their endeavours.

Allow your child to make mistakes. It helps them learn from their missteps and build resilience. Blunders and errors should be seen as opportunities for growth and learning.

In addition to providing emotional support, it is important to provide practical support. Help your child set realistic goals and provide an environment for success. Look for ways to reduce stress, such as providing additional help with schoolwork or other activities. Finally, be a role model. Children learn by example, so be sure to practice what you preach. Show your children how!

15 Ways To Encourage and Cheerlead Your Kid

1. Offer specific praise

Instead of saying, “Good job,” be clear about what your child did well. For example, “I like how you put so much effort into your homework today.”

2. Show interest in your child’s activities

Ask them about their interests and hobbies and show genuine interest in what they have to say. It will show them that you care about their interests and support their passions.

3. Give positive reinforcement and feedback

Please encourage your child when they struggle with something by offering positive feedback. For example, “I know this is hard, but I am so proud of you for trying your best.”

4. Celebrate successes

When your child accomplishes something, celebrate their success! It could be as simple as giving them a high-five or a hug. Celebrate their accomplishments – Take time to recognize and celebrate your child’s successes, no matter how small they may be.

5. Focus on effort, not just results

Encourage your child to focus on effort and progress rather than just the result. It will help them develop a growth mindset and learn to enjoy learning and growing.

6. Be a good listener

Listen to your child when they are talking to you and show them that you value their opinions and thoughts.

7. Provide opportunities for success

Create opportunities for your child to succeed and feel accomplished. For example, help them set achievable goals and encourage them to work towards them.

8. Encourage independence

Allow your child to make choices and decisions independently, which will help them develop their sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

9. Be a positive role model

Model positive behaviour for your child by demonstrating kindness, respect, and positivity towards yourself and others. Be a role model – Set a positive example and demonstrate how hard work pays off.

10. Love unconditionally

Show your child that you love them no matter what and that you are there to support them through their ups and downs. It will create a sense of safety and security for their emotional well-being.

11. Encourage them to set realistic goals

Set achievable goals and encourage them to work hard to reach them.

12. Support them through their mistakes

Mistakes are a part of learning, so encourage your child to learn from them and keep trying.

13. Show your confidence in them

Let them know you believe in their abilities and are proud of them.

14. Provide resources

Give them access to additional resources, such as tutoring and educational materials, to help them succeed.

15. Give them space 

Allow them to make their own decisions and take on challenges that may feel intimidating.

Cheerleading children of all ages is essential as it is to breathing air! Cheerleading children of all ages is important because it encourages them to stay engaged and motivated. It helps to build their self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. Cheering them on gives them a chance to develop a positive outlook on life, to be proud of their accomplishments, and to believe in themselves. Furthermore, it can help them to establish healthy relationships with peers and adults.

Lastly, it can foster a sense of belonging and community, which is essential for children as they grow. Cheering on children can be a great way to motivate and support them. However, it is necessary to remember to do it the right way. Avoid putting pressure on the children, and instead, focus on praising their effort and encouraging them to keep trying. Use positive reinforcement to help them stay on track, and provide constructive feedback to help them improve. Be enthusiastic and supportive, and help create a positive and supportive atmosphere.


Ignatius Deepak Stanley is an experienced business coach, trainer, educational consultant and full time dad. He has worked with several well known corporates before deciding to take time out and be a full time dad to his 3 year old son. Beside being a consultant, he has written and published books. Deepak enjoys riding and driving, reading, writing and travelling.

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